Hydrocortisone prescription

Brief recoveries that didn’t last. Wanting to try again. Anyone that has tried hydrocortisone, can you give a bit of a review on it.

I tried it and felt good for about a 12 hour period then it faded so I stopped. I didn’t give it much of a try though, I might give it another go. You should PM moonman, he has a lot of experience with it. I’m curious, are you also on thyroid meds? The thyroid-cortisol connection is important.

Yeah I’m on synthroid. I remember reading moonmans positive review. I guess I was wondering more if there were any cases where guys got messed up from it.

What dose were you on? Have you read the book Stop the Thyroid Madness? Lots of good info in there about thyroid and adrenals. I believe they suggest a starting dose of HC for men at 30 mg a day spaced out.

You have to test your blood and urine with the proper tests for adrenal insufficiency first.
Cuz taking hydrocortisone if you dont need to will result in really bad side effects including mania, weight gain, water retention, acne, changes in facial shape.