Humid/sticky skin feeling

Do any of you have that humid skin feeling? Like when you sweat outside then go inside to cold place it feels sticky? Haven’t read anything like that here. I was damaged by Effexor and SJW.

Or like if you’re using soap to wash your hands/body it gets sticky and also dry ?

Another weird one is when I’m scrollling in my phone my finger gets kinda stuck to the screen because of the sticky feeling.

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Yes, I have this. Was going to say I thought it was due to dryness, but you’re absolutely correct. It’s dry and sticky.

And fingers look like pruney fingers most of the time. Do you have this too?

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Yes I do, it’s like, in the old days, when you just got out of the shower!

insane! I think it is subcutaneous fat loss

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I got this symptom from Cialis, my hands were very sticky, but not sweaty/wet.

I also got lower back pain and my fingers would hurt when I was holding my phone.

I quit a couple of days ago and now I feel fine. If anyone of you are on daily Cialis might be worth stopping for a few days.

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I think so too and hope it comes back soon

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