Human Growth Hormone

Hi Guys,

I beleive our problem stems from the Hypothalamus or the Pitutary gland, there is a dysfunction there and there is a cascade of issues that then downstreams.

If we bring back these to areas close to homestosis then the improvement in symptoms will follow.

One hormone in the hypothalamus is Grow Hormone. I beleive if we run a short course say 4-6 weeks, 80% will see our symptoms improve dramatically.

Also the Gonadateopin releasing hormone in the hypthalamus is very important ofr most of our symptoms.

Whats your thoughts ?

Agreed to a degree @Ronnie99 but it’s just part of the puzzle. The receptors and gut are also effected which cause many symptoms

@Ronnie99, what makes you believe that?

A number of people have tried HGH and it hasn’t done much aside for improving sleep

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Yes could be, but the gut and receptors could also be a downstream of the initial problem form the hypothalamus and pitutary.

Who has tried it, send me 3-4 usernames here ? And was it actual HGH or peptides gearing towards increasing HGH ?

Prior to knowng I had PFS and well before it got so much worse I took hgh supps and felt great, lean muscle mass, strength, youthful looks etc. Endo earlier this year stated my high levels were high , probably from the fasting" I feel nothing but weak, ill, like an old man.

I really think HGH is a issue in most of us, and a important point is even though your IGF 1 and IGF3 are in range or high it does not reflect if we have HGH deficency, In the next couple months I will be trying HGH for about a 2-3 month course.

Why dont you give those HGH supplement another go see how it reflects back on your symtpoms ?

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I know my receptors are fucked mate I’m not going to risk anymore supplementation. Everything has ultimately worsened my symptoms

I was just reading this article and it highlighted this point.

It say it stimulates the conversion of testosterone to DHT by 5a reductase. Whats your thoughts ?


Soon I will be trying a protocol of:

  • HCG 250IU (m/w/f) - 6 months
  • Ipamorelin 160mcg x 2 (5 days on, 2 off) - 6 months
  • Cjc1295 160mcg x 2 (5 days on, 2 off) - 6 months
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If your mechanisms aren’t permanently damaged it may help . That’s my opinion. I know lots helped me over a decade ago

What made you decide on this particular combo?