Human Growth Hormone. started using


I have been on human growth hormone for about a week. does anyone have any experience of being on this and if they experienced any improvements?

Actual HGH, or precursors to HGH?

Actual hgh

still taking GH? still benefiting?

Yes much experience, I was prescribed HGH because of my igf levels, it definitely can help with energy, Ed, and mood, but not to much on brain fog, I’m still interested in it but it was was way to expensive.

What dose are you taking?

Any updates on this?

I just saw an add on tv about this product:

It’s intended to women, but who knows… does it achieve the same goal for men?

Am starting HGH on Friday. Will report back.

Hi there Jamie,

How are you getting hold of the HGH? NHS? Private? Self-administer? Have you had a confirmed deficiency, and how was this verified? What are the symptoms that you are experiencing that you feel will hopefully improve with this treatment?

Thanks, and apologies for the rapid fire questions there. It’s just that I feel that hgh may be a missing link in my own puzzle.

Wishing you all the best with the treatment.

Hi Scotsman, privately sourced; self-administered; no confirmed deficiency (apart from feeling like hell, not sleeping, bone loss- especially in the face); hoping for improvements in quality of sleep and overall health.

I am currently taking 50mg of seroquel at night along with 2g of trytophan to help me with sleep. The seroquel has been a godsend for my sleep but I’m still not sleeping 100% and still have brain fog but it has improved since seroquel. I’m hoping the HGH will deepen my sleep and several users (bodybuilders, gym fanatics etc) report that they sleep deep on it.

I’ll report back to see if it helps. Fingers crossed.

P.s. I have an experienced and trusted friend who uses this stuff for the gym who is going to give me a tutorial on how to administer etc.

Thanks for the reply Jamie. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


I also have low growth hormone and Igf1…Have been told that may be one of the reasons I developed the severe physical side effects and huge weight gain and fluid retention…Clomid has fixed the mental sides and brain fog pretty much but does nothing to these physical side effects…

@jamielondon Any updates???

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What is your igf levels please??? Mine is 170. which is low too. Any risks of HGH usage?

170 isn’t low man. igf1 is a tricky one, fasting and a lot of different things can affect it. it’s also weird because diseases and certain things can be linked to low or high. You are at a good middle of the range, actually closer to high. Just like testosterone being at the max value or higher doesn’t really mean you’ll feel better. I’ve had the test of a 90 year old man and of like 5 teenagers at once and felt no different. Every lab range will vary, but I’ve been on HGH for years, and aside from doing tons of research on it and talking to my endo extensively it’s just not one of those hormones you’re really going to “feel” like estrogen, test, etc.

What’s your daily dosage in IU?

Thank you so much for your message but how is 170 not low? The offical paper on my hands has the references of 173-400. So it is the lowest number, not high. High end of igf-1 is like 400+ ng\mL for 18 years old and i did the test when i was 19 and im 21 now. Check out this study. The median range is 300+ on healthy people. :sweat:

Im scared if i did grow less because of Accutane! Jesus! First my sexuality and this…

legit hgh (at least mine) isn’t prescribed in IU but in mg. mine is .2 but i exceed that quite a bit. you’ll see it listed online and on bodybuilding sites always as IU though

Thanks. Any idea how many IU 0.02mg coverts to?

EDIT: 1mg is like 3 IU. So 0.05mg is ~0.15IU? I think you meant to say 0.5mg which is 1.5IU?

ah sorry i didn’t see your age, didn’t have my glasses on in bed hah. it’s true not everyone is blessed with lots of hormone levels. look at andre the giant for an example he has an extreme excess of HGH from pituitary tumor. either way at your age your growth plates are pretty likely closed so more growing would be very unlikely. if you’re restricting calories, exercising a lot a lot of things can lower your igf1 levels. and then weirdly there are studies showing low levels can make you live longer. so it’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the best number. i guess if i want you to take away something from this its not to worry and get worked up over a lab number that was a quick snapshot of your blood at one moment. so many things can impact it.

are you chinese like the study points to? there’s prob a reason they stay so young looking. also you can find a study that supports just about every point of view these days, all i can tell you is my experience of seeing multiple endos over the years, and having a RN mom of 40 years that i’ve seen correct doctors and goes through my blood work. you can google that stuff, but i’ll look something up and say hey this is at the high end of the range it’s high so it’s bad right? and she’ll explain to me why not really. so for example my blood work range is for igf1 is 80-230 and i’m at 250 (because i’m on actual HGH) and my endo gives me notes and says it’s actually high. so labs use different ranges, some doctors even consider diff literature about it.

here’s a link for example that shows your age range should be 158-230.

here is mine

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