Huge Success with my ED regimen

Hello my fellow soldiers

I have recently been in a long period of NoFap (abstaining from masturbation and porn). This streak has lasted about 30 days now. I was feeling very depressed lately, no drive, no libido, not motivation etc…you know the deal.

What I did:

  • Took 10g of l-arginine (pure), because it does help me with erections to some extent
  • Took 1/3 of a 100mg sildenafil pill (generic viagra) = about 30mg

WOW! I cannot describe what a difference this made. I was about to go to bed, but I took the combination of both on an empty stomach. After about an hour I had the best erection I have ever had since stopping Roaccutane treatment 6 years ago…seriously! It was almost too strong and lasted well over 10min, until I forced it to subside with a cold shower.

Now this may not be a permanent fix, but it most definitely would allow me to have a fairly normal sex life. Of course this is anecdotal but I recommend you try it out and see how it works out for you (the best would be with a lady by your side :))



Great you had that positive response!

Look into l-citruline. It’s a little bit stronger than arginine. Arginine gets broken down easily. That’s why ppl need to take more of it. Citruline you only need a few grams but I always took
more just to be safe.
I also used the combination you did in the past. Just to have that mental back up before sex.
These days I’m afraid I might actually need it for certain, not just as back up but maybe I’m just having a rough time idk.

But yea…it’s a good combo

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not to be negative but theres a supposed interaction between l-arginine and ED pills. Says it could lower your blood pressure too much. I would ask a urologist to find out if thats a legitimate concern you should have. could be nothing

EDIT: I take that back says it’s only a moderate interaction. if it works I’d stick with it

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Thanks for the recommendation.
I have used l-citruline before, but it hasn’t been very effective…even at high doses.

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Really? I’m surprised

I’ll try citrulline again and report back, maybe I just haven’t been consistent with it. I heard that it builds up in the body as well, whereas arginine is broken down quickly.

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Try Citruline Malate

I use the powder form. Warning it tastes AWFUL
like eating a lemon. The taste is due to the malic acid. Malic acid helps it absorb into the body.

I’ve gotten used to it. I throw a few spoonfuls into my mouth and chase it with water. LOL it hurts but it works.

I know lol, but nothing beats pure l-arginine…tastes like rotten eggs, so I’m looking forward to the lemon not gonna lie :slight_smile: Cheers

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I came here to say that I tried something similar to what you recommended. I took 25 mg of cialis and 3 g of L-Argentine and I also experienced the best erection I’ve had in two years. Holy shit. You made me so incredibly happy. I was honestly thinking about suicide a lot today and I am now over the moon!!! Thank you so much, you helped someone today.


Happy for you Boxtrot, glad I could help :slight_smile:

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