How to unlock full studies, books etc. + Studies (updates, state of the art etc.)


I’ll use this thread to link studies and to share research tips.
when you find an interesting study, a book, an article or whatever might help us but you cannot have access to the full study, all you have to do is to use some tools.

scientific studies
copy the web address from pub-med or the doi address and paste it here or here or on other versions of sci-hub and probably you will get access to the full paper.
you could even try with this

for books and articles and studies you could use this

i’ll link you more.
is this legal? of course not but i don’t give a fuck since drug companies and drug-vigilance organs are killing us.

this is the first study i want to share with you, which points out connection between finasteride and liver


Here is a study Ive been meaning to share about the relationship between Melatonin and DHT. I haven’t read the full article but I was thoroughly intrigued by the part that says “Melatonin increases immunoreactive AR cells in the absence and presence of dihydrotestosterone”.

I have been dosing on 5-7mg of melatonin on my come down of Finasteride. Its been 5 weeks since I have come off of the drug. My initial sides were severe insomnia (which is why I took the melatonin in the first place) and testicle pain for 2 days out of the 5 weeks.

My side effects have been very minimal since dosing on melatonin, however Im not sure if this is attributed to anything in particular.

Additional minor sides included shrinkage for the first week, brain fog for the first couple days, and anxiety. All sides have subsided - one of the days I experienced the testicle pain happened 2 nights ago but it went away.

In addition to the melatonin, I also drink protein shakes that have creatine in them. I take zinc, mag, calcium, multivitamin, E, and beta carotene as part of my vitamin regimen. To cure the insomnia I took melatonin, gaba, valerian root and some weed.

Not making ANY recommendations so I dont want to partake in any debates, this is what has worked for me and I want to share it. That is all


maybe i m wrong but isnt the study saying, despite increasing some ar cells, the result is an attenuated androgen transission. so at the end anti androgenic effect?


It is saying that there is an increase of AR binding capacity while also observing nuclear exclusion, however I can’t tell much more from reading the abstract only. Would be interested to know more since as I said Im dosing on Melatonin and it seems to help me


guys, didn’t you read what i wrote? :smiley: i gave you instructions to read the full studies!


Lol I did read what you said Sonic, running low on time these days… will try it soon


Im in a medical program with research and 100% of the money you pay to unlock an article goes to the publisher.

If you want to view an article, you could email the authors and they might be happy to give it to you!