How to stop shrinkage?


whats some ways to stop shrinkage ? I have shrinkage daily. 2010 till now. If the shrinkage stopped 5 years ago I would be fine with that, even though its not my pre(SP) flaccid penis.

my theory is that my body is having trouble detoxing(hardly urinate/shit) which is giving me estrogen dominance idk . I tried the whole (clomid/hcg/bio t) route back in 2012 . spent 5 years not doing anything hormonal or supplements


Is your erect size unaffected, @Helpisontheway?


Most of the times yes. It’s more so the uncomfortable flaccid that bothers me @Greek


That’s some comfort, for me at least.

My flaccid size varies too, but obviously I’m more concerned about when it counts(!)

Have you tried Carnitine? I know @Pete1989 said he had good success stabilising his flaccid size with it.


No crazy as it sounds I kinda have a complex of messing with supplements and shit now lol crazy right lol @greek


You mean that you find it worrying? I think that’s quite reasonable. I’m cautious too.

I believe Carnitine is a safe supplement for us.


Hi, do you have any kind of curvature on your penis? Hourglass shape when flaccid? Or hard flaccid? And are you sure that your erect lenght are the same as pre-Fin? Thanks…


@cooper I can relate to Scott H. Said " . If and when I do get an erection, it’s as if the base of the penis starts much further inside my body than it used to. Not sure if that makes sense, but the base of my erect penis used to ‘sit’ or start much further away from body than where it does now, leading me to think that over time, my prostate has actually shrunken."