How To Stop Negative Thoughts

  1. Change your brain waves by spending 10 minutes a day breathing in sequence 6-3-9.

  2. When the negative thought comes up say ‘not true’.

  3. Visualize the image of the thought shrinking until it disappear.

  4. Visualize positive situations instead, your brain doesn’t know what’s reality and what’s imaginery.

  5. Change your pattern of negative thinking by adding a new routine to your thought process: daily reflection, affirmation or meditation.


Great idea. To help you with breath control use this site.
My settings are 11, 1, 11, 15. which is about 2 breaths per minute but adjust as required to your breathing method. I have been following this style for a few months now;

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Thanks for offering this helpful advice, @ll_amp_Prosper, could you continue with that energy and fill the survey out too?