How to stop muscle wastage

Hi guys it has been almost 5 month since i quite finastride anxiety depression and fatigue improved decently but too much dream and muscle wastage is going on any suggestions to stop muscle wastage

I recovered my muscle wastage 100%. Now I am back to my old weight, wit a bit more fat tho, but the size of my muslces is the same as before… One thing I did is, I followed steictly the recommendation of Dr. Batmanghelidj, drinkink water with sea salt throughout the day, not drinking 2 - 2.5 hours after meal and not eating half an hour after drinking water. I did this for roughly 6 months. When I crashed, my body developed intolerance to dairy, after I did this stuff with the salty water I got back to normal, eating cheese and all that. So when I discovered I can eat everything again, I started to eat as I used to do before PFS and I got my weight back. Basically this is it man. It worked for me…

Isn’t that really bad for your kidneys? According to a 5 second Google search, it is. If you take too much salt you’ll damage your kidneys or could even cause them to fail.


It has to be 1/4 tsp in 1lt of water. Let’s say you drink 2lt of water a day, this is 1/2 tsp of total salt. Probably you would get more salt eating normal food. Dunno, for me it worked, I am not sure what is the impact to the kidneys if taking this much salt daily though… Probably you can compensate this salt intake by removing the salt out of your food so you could stay within the acceptable limits, 1/2 tsp is 3g of salt, so that should stay within the normal range. Thanks for the note though! A lot of people here suggest tons of dangerous stuff and it is always good the moderators to counter their suggestions and warn the others as we, the PFS guys sometimes are too desperate to think of the consequences taking stuff without research.

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I don’t think this muscle wastage can be stopped unless our androgen receptors openup someway and start to dock our androgens to it. There’s no other way. I have tried exersice, fasting, high calorie etc; all bs. Lowering cortisol and thyroid may help though.


how are you today regarding muscle wasting?