How to solve urinary incontinence

Ive been able to solve urinary incontinence. I cant know for sure if it was from PFS, but i got it around the same time as my anhedonia.

key note:

breathe deep in and out, and each time RELAX your muscles more and more. you’ll feel good :slight_smile:

search other videos with different angles and varieties of exercises and incorporate them, but honestly this video should make a lot of difference if you do it fully a couple of times.

What do you mean by incontinence? When I pee there’s always a little dribble at the end or are you talking about actually pissing your pants?

Wow! That’s the video I used last year to try and relax my pelvic area. That woman’s routine is good!

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When I had it, as well as someone else describing it, you have to go every ten minutes as you can’t empty bladder.

So you’d have to be basically going and pissing the entire day little by little.

I am having incontinence since my last crash and according to the doctor this may have to do with my perineal denervation problems.

After peeing I need to wait for a while because there’s always an important quantity of urine left (not just 3 or 4 drops but a small stream). Sometimes I also have some drops in my underwear even when I haven’t urinated recently. It’s scary to think where this can get.

Thanks for the video, I’ll try those exercises . I feel like my muscles don’t react well to exercise, but these seem quite light, I hope they help.

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try it for 1 week straight. do the ENTIRE video 2 times a day. find other similar videos with 30-40 minute sessions and incorporate different movements.

exhaust your tries and then keep doing it because i know we are all low on motivation, so you need to push yourself further than your mind’s fake limitations. hope it helps buddy