How to regain sexual function?

I’ve been through a lot, a serious amount of shit these last few years and somehow I’ve made it out better off than my peers from external view … looks, job, fitness etc.

The one thing dragging me down is ED. I can’t go anywhere without complements, if I go for a night out girls try to pick me up in front of my friends - I act shy because I don’t want to fail with ED (I’m far from shy really) and friends think I’m probably gay and virgin.

I’m very open to drugs or anything at all to help.

Has anything worked for your ED and if so what do you recommend?

Thanks xx


If you have sexual appetite and decent feeling in the genitals something like viagra or cialis might work.

Both have pros and cons.

I reverently tried cialis 5mg/daily but got an intense lower back pain after some time. It’s a rare, but reported side effect.

Viagra doesn’t last as long, but in my opinion it might be safer. Common side effects are headache and facial flushing.

If none of these medicines work you could go with injections, I’ve tried Caverject and it works well.

There’s some dangers with it (priapism being the worst) so make sure you get the full information from your doc.

Only downside for me was that while I got a raging boner within a minute, the glans wouldn’t fill up much.


I’ll give all these a try. Would be over the moon if one of them works - my mates would be shocked by sudden personality change (confidence around females)

Have you any experience with Vitaros cream? - it has same active drug as caverject but in cream version

Thanks xx

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No experience with Vitaros, but sounds less invasive so worth a try.

Good luck!

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I think we can try penile prosthesis (in case Viagra doesn’t work)

I sugest you lick all that beautiful pussys !

Take some cialis, and make the girls happy! Why bother so much with our pleasure? unfortunately it does not exist drugs for recovery.

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That’s a last resort for the worst-case scenario though.

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Thanks for all the suggestions/advice.

From my current understanding the below is a summary of ED treatments and off-label sexual enhancement.

Viagra, Cialis, Alprostadil (both available injectable e.g. caberject or cream/tablet), PT141, alpha blocker (used in US as part of trimix), Papaverine (also used as part of trimix, but hard to get hold of), optimising hormone levels, proviron, masteron, dopamine agonist e.g. cabergoline and penile implant.

Please let us know if you can think of anything else that can be included in this list - most of it is likely not needed, includes sides and just a summary of what possibilities there are.

I’ll start with least invasive and see how it goes. x

There’s also levitra/vardenafil.

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viagra doesn’t work for me
cialsis is a bit better
caverject is the best thing for me… just injecting ur cock gets old and the boner kind of hurts…but it works

For some on this forum, pelvic floor exercises did the trick. You’ll find a couple of threads if you use the search fuction.

It’s at least the lowest risk/least invasive one. I’m currently making progress with it, but my problem’s not ED but low libido.

Best of luck.

Wasn’t you better?

Caverject works, although just a shame the old sensation or libido isn’t there, but still good fun.

Alprostadil cream/tablets are pretty rubbish and hurt. PT141, Cialis and viagra have similar sides and results. Cabergoline helps but sleep is too much and increases addictive tendencies. Proviron and masteron, don’t work but increase agitation / aggression slightly.

Would have tried bimix or trimix if it was available in the UK.