How to recover from Hard Flaccid?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I took fin so this may be related but I don’t know if this is an appropriate topic for a PFS forum. If not, then I’d appreciate a referral to another site.

Anyways, I’m dealing with some classic Hard Flaccid symptoms: my penis is constantly shriveled and smaller, especially when standing and walking, and sometimes even while laying down, I have difficulty achieving and maintaining erections, I don’t think my glans engorges like it used to, I wake up w/o wood, and my genitals (especially my glans) are often cold to the touch.

(However, I’m not dealing with common symptoms like feeling of tightness in my pelvis, or urinary difficulties, or post-ejaculatory pain.)

I’ve looked into Hard Flaccid cures/treatments/recovery stories, but most of them seem to be blogs run by snake-oil salesmen hoping to prey on people dealing with an obscure medical issue. Although, maybe I’m just being too cynical.

I’ve seen some people suggest that physical therapy could help, but some have also suggested that normal physical therapy is inadequate to treat hard flaccid. Anyway, does anyone know any protocols that have worked for themselves or for others?

I haven’t had much luck with this unfortunately, but I do find magnesium and potassium at night increases my nocturnal erections.

Do you also get hourglass flaccid shape before going to pee etc.? Also when did you experience this? If you took Fin it can of course be related man, sorry.

I don’t think I experience hourglass shape when I pee. Usually, when I pee my penis goes back to its natural spongy state, but lately I’ve been peeing with a dick that’s longer, narrower and still hard.

I got off fin in early January and hard flaccid emerged shortly afterwards (January at the earliest, April at the very latest). Lately though, I think starting in August, it’s been getting worse. Around this time, my penis would sometimes remain hard even when laying down or urinating.