How to judge muscle wasting? Will it stop?

During the meltdown I had severe muscle twitching but it wasn’t 24/7, he would get worse whenever I was nervous or falling asleep and sometimes after ejaculation too, I was 2 weeks after my last meltdown Not going to the gym anymore, in fact my workout frequency has been reduced by half since PFS, I’ve noticed a serious loss of pump in the gym and strength has taken a back off a bit, but in fact my weight hasn’t changed significantly, from the looks of it I’ve noticed My muscles are a little smaller, but I don’t know if it’s a lack of exercise or muscle atrophy. In fact, I’m really worried about not being able to build muscles anymore. This is one of my favorite things in life and my safe haven for more than 20 years. , those people in the forum who have experienced long-term muscle atrophy, can you tell me your development trend?

My strength is down, but not too much, my pump is down significantly, but have a little, and the fact that my protein intake is down significantly (thrown out protein powder after PFS), I don’t know if it’s me that sucks Is my mental state affecting my strength, or am I experiencing muscle atrophy?

My muscle wastage started right away and progressed very quickly. I first noticed it in my biceps and then basically everywhere head to toe all at once accompanied by fat, padding, and collagen loss, gum recession and overall skin dysfunction. There was no question what was happening and definitely not a lack of protein or exercise/activity. Any mental issues were downstream of the physical ones.

Some people have reported an improvement so if the source is not clear to you then that might be a good sign.

Sorry to go with something obvious, but I wonder if there’s any point in worrying about this.

If you’re not going to the gym as much then it would follow that your physical condition would reflect that. The fact that this is what appears to be happening makes sense.

Perhaps give yourself a break from worrying about it. If you want to go train, do it. You might find it seems harder than before, but don’t forget that it was hard at times in the past. It must have been to achieve results.

Beating yourself up and worrying about something you’re not sure is happening just seems like a surefire way to make yourself unhappy, and you don’t need that.


Anyone who has this symptom of muscle loss has no doubt whether they have it or not, it is a very strong symptom… it is impossible to generate this doubt…

Hi @Henrique sir, I crashed on 1st May 2023, from that day onwards I am facing the below issues.

  1. Severe muscle pain in neck, shoulders, limbs, back from head to toe everything pains.
  2. ED and Shrunk penis (can get erection using Tadafil)
  3. Sitting is front of PC gives me headache and pain behind eyes.

I am not bothered about ED and Penis.

The main area of concern is that I can barely sit in office for 4 hours due to muscle pain and headache, So I have to come home and do work from home after that its a very pressure work place as well and cannot switch job due to my condition.

A week back I started light exercise walking on treadmill for 35 min and running for 2 min more than that gives me shin pain and light weight exercise but after that also I have to take rest like 2 hours due to pain. But I wont give up GYM come what may.

You have not posted since a long time in video or anything just wanted to how is the muscle pain thing going on as thats the only thing that is impacting my work life as my family is dependent on me and I am not at all concerned about my ED and other areas any tips on how to deal with the muscle thingy?.

I am just fighting for them as they are my support pillars in this situation

Not to butter anyone but @Henrique , @adamxx , @Itookfinanddutast and @Hanru_Sun are my superhero’s

Thank you very much for asking how I am, it’s really been a while since I posted videos. I never posted again, because I wanted to post videos of symptom improvement and, unfortunately, that is not what has been happening to me, my muscle loss continues, even if I train, even if I take anabolic steroids, even if I eat as cleanly as possible. Regarding muscle pain, they fluctuate, burning sensation in the skin also fluctuates, my muscle tone has completely changed, mental problems improve on their own, sexual problems I don’t even pay attention to, even though I haven’t been so affected in this area. My body continues to atrophy. Symptoms that the problems worsen when ingesting slightly larger amounts of carbohydrates, as if I had developed something similar to insulin resistance. The inflammation fluctuates, but it will be 2 years since my muscles continue to atrophy. This year I will try DHT and HCG to see if anything changes. Right after the crash I tried TRT, which didn’t help with the muscle problems. Stand firm. If you have any questions, send a private message.

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