How to increase GABA and correctly be absorbed

I’ve read various opinions here and I believe it is one of the problems that GABA receptors are incorrect.(brain fog,insomnia,depressed,no libido,even muscle problems)
Then what should we do?
There are several ways.
1 taking GABA supplement
It sounds good,but some claim GABA doesn’t go through brain gate.So I don’t make sureit’sreally effective.
2 taking supplement which can produce GABA
I want to argue this point here.What supplements help produce GABA?
For example, taurine,theanine,tyrosine and so on,to my knowledge.
3 food and diet
It’s already said elsewhere.(Oyeph or Cdnut…)It’s not topic here.
Of course,results may vary.But we all should search for effective sources.Focus on it!

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I think its not the problem that people with pfs have not enough GABA. Its that the receptors can not pick up the free GABA in the blood or not? If there would be a way to stimulate GABA receptors this could be curable. As I told my doc. that my DHT receptors might ne damaged, he immediately told me we could stimulate them by giving Testo on and off.

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