How to decide which antibiotics won't or will worsen your PFS?

So it turns out I have developed peridontal bone loss. I will need either a bone graft for my jaw or a dental implant if it turns out that I have a cracked molar. Both entail the use of antibiotics; I don’t think there is any way out of that, I don’t know.

I took amoxicillin recently and I had to stop immediately as it brought back my muscular dystrophy symptoms as well as worsen a recent development of dysphagia/discoordinated swallowing muscles leading to constant aspiration of food and liquids that was triggered by an NAD+ supplement. It was only half a pill of that supplement.

How could I get an idea of which antibiotic would be safe to take or potentially make me worse? Where would I even begin? I am in a very serious dilemma. Any help or advice would be so much appreciated.

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@Mercked this is so awful. Each of us are different when it comes to reactions… It’s like spinning a roulette wheel I don’t know what to suggest or recommend especially if youre of the extremely sensitive group. All i can say is that my hopes and best wishes are with you. As a side when I had my gum graft I didn’t take the antibiotics that were prescribed and hoped that I wouldn’t get an infection. That turned out to be the right decision for me at the time. G L :heart:

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Before I collapsed, I used minocycline hydrochloride, cephalosporin and levofloxacin to treat the so-called prostatitis (shit, it must be caused by fin), and the results got worse and worse

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Hi @Mercked

Ryan is right - each of us is different when it comes to reactions. I’ve used antibiotics recently and had a mini-crash but thankfully it subsided immediately after I stopped.

I would try to proceed without them if you can. I’m sorry that I don’t really have any better advice than that.

Good luck my friend.


I am sorry to hear that. Three kinds of antibiotics is insane. Even any use of antibiotics turns out to be rarely advisable according to leading urologists for actual prostatitis. How did you get worse after the antibiotics and how was your recovery from that?

Just to mention another problem with antibiotics that some of us may face.

Even before PFS I developed prostatitis/Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, having the urge to go pee every 15 to 45 minutes. So I was given doxycycline for 30 days which I should never have taken. I developed balanitis. Sorry to anyone who has to look up the images.

Let’s just say I now have more fungus on my dick than a Chinese herbal medicine store and I still have prostatitis or UCPPS. I am Rudolph scaring away all the does.

The only way western medicine knows how to treat most fungal infections are the -azole class of drugs as they are most effective, but they have made people here worse or crash in the first place. So what can I do. More gambling if you develop some fungal infection and dare to use those creams.

I’m very sorry to hear about your poor health. Ironically, finasteride caused my impotence and prostatitis at the same time. I thought it was caused by excessive masturbation before. After stopping taking finasteride again, I continued to take antibiotics, which eventually led to my panic attack and complete mental collapse. After that, I went to the local regular medical institution. They told me that I had no fungal infection and advised me to stop antibiotics and adopt physical therapy. My prostatitis recovered within 20 days, But at this time, I have experienced all the mental symptoms. I painfully told the only doctor in China who knows PFS that I would rather give up my chicken in order to get spiritual relief.
If your infection is so serious, I suggest you take a salt bath and find some herbal medicine to strengthen your body.My father also has prostatitis, but he thinks the effect of salt bath is very good. I won’t touch western medicine in my life.Forgive my poor English .

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Six years ago I took an antibiotic called Unixime for bronchitis. For the 5 days of taking I was much improved, I had strong morning erections every day, and the blood flow to the penis was noticeably improved, an effect similar to daily Cialis. Unfortunately after stopped the drug, progress was not lasting.

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Are you recovered from your antibiotic-induced mental collapse?

I don’t want to lie. I can only say that it has improved. Panic attacks, strong suicidal thoughts and depersonalization have disappeared, but brain fog and depression are still serious. If it’s not working hours, I’ll lie in bed all day.
Ironically, I am a middle school teacher. I am often ashamed of my poor logic ability and weak voice.

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Bump. Anyone else get worse or crash with antibiotics? Did you recover afterwards? Please share your story.