How to cure PFS?

Hi, there is two things I have thought a lot about, and which I would like to share and discuss with you guys.

  1. I have tried a lot of different things to cure pfs, without anything working. Hormone supplements, health food, etc. But then I thought, maybe to cure myself I am needed to take very small doses of finasteride, simply to activate the body to function normally again. Nothing else has worked, so is that a possibility? I understand that there is a very big risk, that you can get even worse by taking finasteride again. Just wondering what you all think.

  2. Propecia / Proscar blocks 5 alpha reducatse and reduces hormones like DHT, etc. Therefore I wondered, how about making a cure / medication that does the opposite of finasteride? So instead of blocking 5 alpah reductase, it increases. Isnt it quite obviously a good opportunity to cure PFS? Have not heard anyone talk about it, so I’m wondering. It seems to me that its a possibility the researchers / doctors should look at. What do you guys think?

  1. I would not touch finasteride, SSRI’s, acutane, or any AR inhibitor with a 10 foot pole. plenty of people have become so much worse they committed suicide. Frequently this was after feeling better from taking these substances.

  2. People have also taken stuff to increase hormones, and some get a little better, some get worse, and some get better for a while then crash again. search the website and youll see plenty of people have tried this already.

finasteride likely overexpressed the androgen receptor which may have led to genes being silenced. so if you want to cure PFS you should help us further our research initiatives so that we get better information on what compounds/tools to use and what targets to use them on.


Touching any sort of anti-androgenic substance for a PFS patient is a dangerous game. There is nearly two decades of documented patient self reports on this forum of it not ending well.

Touching such a potent anti-androgen like finasteride is extremely dangerous and you will most likely end up worsened, perhaps severely, and perhaps permanently.

Do not go near it.

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Okay, so u dont believe its a possibility to make a medication that increases 5 alpha reductase, and that it can be the cure ? Just thinking since finasteride does the opposite.

Yes, I understand what u saying. Just thinking of every possibility.

increasing your 5ar would not help us because the problem that happened to us isnt what you think it is.

we likely have an “overexpressed” AR, that lost signaling.

we can make a cure, but first we need to further our research efforts. please contribute to our community projects

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You can search the forum plenty of people have gone back on their drug. I went back on numerous times. I always got temporary relief by going back on. It would always feel like I was going to recover by going back on but the results would eventually dissapear/crash.

Even now I bet I could get back on finasteride and have a short period of improvement but it won’t last.

Okay, but if I ever try to go back on finasteride. How would I do it ? As I did before for my hair loss or less dosages? I know its not recommended and that it can harm me even more, so I probably wouldnt do it anyway.

This stuff is very risky man because I feel if it doesn’t work it just sets us back even further.

I personally tried all sorts of dosing regimens from low dose to normal to high. I can’t really reccomend anything here as nothing worked and it’s super risky.

One thing I found interesting was my body kept craving more anti androgens. Even when I would try low dose my body would start crashing and eventually I was using dutasteride everyday before the inevitable crash.

It was like no matter how much DHT I inhibited my body would quickly adapt to it and start crashing. Very scary stuff.

Looking back now it was very irresponsible but I was desperate and didn’t fully understand the risks.

I highly recommend you don’t go back on as the track record is really bad.


I understand, but if it existed a medication that boosted ur 5 alpha reductase, would u take it ? Atleast try it?,since finasteride that made all this did the opposite.

Im just thinking, why just focus on the complicated ways that finasteride made us crash. (Genes etc) Lets try the easy parts first. But to be fair, Im not saying its going to be easy making a 5 alpha medication. For me it just sound logical, to start there.

Make a list of those compounds and you’ll see people have tried various stuff for decades

The stuff that might help us are highly controlled substances used in cancer treatments

Emphasis on “might”

Nothing might help us as well

But as far as me taking something, I would not take anything that interacts with sensitive targets (androgen receptor) without the research materializing first

After all these years of despair I’ve come to the terms of my condition to understand that my current health isn’t worth risking to destroy my life further

I’m willing to deal with the cards I’ve been dealt with until I can take appropriate actions without shooting in the dark

I am willing to however, try stuff that might help with downstream symptoms

For me, since I have all neurological symptoms, I am waiting for psilocybin based treatments and might try ketamine