How safe is l-theanine for anxiety?

Been seeing people struggling with anxiety here and I just wonder how safe it is. Personally it’s been a staple/life saver for me for the rare times when I had anxiety or panic attacks and never had a bad reaction from it. Just know that it’s not something to be taken near bedtime as it promotes alpha wave intrusion and be extra careful to not get something that contains green tea extract/egcg, etc.

I thought I’d read that someone reacted negatively to it but I can’t find the post or I might be mistaken.

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I thought it was ok to take for sleep as the amino acid produces GABA and relaxation etc
I never had it individuallly but it was part of a sleep aid I took for a bit and felt ok when having that .

Generally I’ve only heard good things on here so I would guess it’s ok to use…
Hows your sleep cycles getting on lately ?

It’s safe but for me I found it filled some sexual things…wears off after a day or two though

Sorry for the late reply. IDK about my sleep cycles, but I was actually doing semi decently in terms of sleep duration before I went out of my way to fuck up using a household cleaner in stupid amounts and breathing in heavy amounts of fumes lol. My sleep is now back to where it was when I first got PFS.

No worries , I thought I had replied but then I didn’t tag you in it properly .
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the cycles still , I know you have suffered for a long time with it .
Keep pushing through mate and hopefully something will be a catalyst of change for you .

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Been using low dose l-theanine lately and it has helped a lot with sleep. By low dose I mean 10-25 mg at night. Some of the OTC l-theanine comes in 100mg capsules witch was way too strong for me, kept me groggy for a couple days. The local health store has 25 mg tablets that can be broken up. My sleep with theanine is deeper and more reliable. Anyway thought I’d pass it on.