how much of you guys have hashimoto thyroid?

how much of you guy have hashimoto thyroid?

i have high thyroid antibodies, and after years later, today am strated taking levotiroxin.

autoimmune form of hypothyrodism, have high thyroid antibodies, my doc said thereis no value to try to them them down.

what are you trying to say? I could not understand.

I am sorry

ME, clinically approved HASHIMOTO’S TYROIDIDIS’ patient, which is a type of hypothyroidism, but differs from hypo, it s an autoimmune disease and no cure.(i am 100 % sure that related to fin/dut usage, because hashimoto is a kind of woman’s disease ratio @99% .)

my endo says, there is no way/value to suppress these thyroid anti-bodies, she just wanted me to take Thyroxine 25ug/day.
I was also mentioned my lower back pain, told her if this pain related to a possibly adrenal fatigue… she has just ignored me. but i still suffering lower back pain like 2 years

my Total Testosterone 323(300-1200) LH 2.15 FSH 0.95 all of these are too low. she confirmed these values are low but there is no problem because
there are all at the same level of LOW.

i showed off the research, average T levels of under 25 y.o. men, which is 690~ng/dl. x2 greater than my level.

now i am on thyroxin, 2 days past, feel better, but i have also alopecia areate & vitiligo which are autoimmune diseases.
i am suspicious on addison’s or lymphoma…

autoimmunity killing me

how were you confirmed that it is auto immune? what tests did you take?
did you take ANA and ESR?

Hİgh thyroid anti-bodies.

TPO ab …116 (range:<5)
anti TG …321~(range:<4)

also; some diffrent autoimmune disorders combined with hashimoto like : vitiligo on scrotum, alopecia areata on beard

DoctorHouse on HLT recently said that he developed that disease as well, obviously while using Propecia. He asked his doctor if the drug could cause this, but he said no.

i feel total SHIT after 1.5 week on 25mcg t4(very good mood 5 days). propably something is changing. it s a “crash”. should i continue to treatment?

i changed my diet. maybe gut is the problem

Is this just the nature of auto immune conditions? The immune system is very powerful.

i dont know but i feel like crying. wtf is happening?

Dr. says that I have anti-bodies that may be indicative of hoshimoto’s.
He has me on synthoid.

%20-25 of hashimoto’s patients have also vitiligo and alopecia areate together, my doc said do you experience symptoms?

i have vitiligo very little but i have .

those of you with hashimotos or you think you have it or whatever, how do you guys react to vitamin D3 supplment (not talking about the sun)? do you react well to it or bad to it? does it help you sleep better or does it make you sleep worse?

if you guys have difficultly with vitamin D (which is what i’m trying to figure out if this is true or not), then low vitamin D. low vitamin D - no calcium getting absorbed. no calcium getting absorbed is a possibility for what is causing numbness, twitching, bone loss, brain fog, among other things.

i read else where that people who have hashimoto’s cannot handle vitamin D well. the have adverse reactions to it. still trying to figure out why. possibly from vitamin D builds up immune system, hashimotos is auto immune problem, more immune power = more attcking own body?

so the fix is to fix hashimoto first, possibly why iodine worked well for one member.

(just brain storming here, please chime in if you have more info into what i’m saying is true or wrong or what you know, thanks)

Could you please give updates about your treatment?

Anyone else with Hashimoto?

very strange !
I have been posting here about women who have got side effects just like us after using Mirena IUD and now I found they are hypothyroid. please read

Also very good website … &Itemid=31

i dont think thats propecia related instinctively, but i have little lymph nodes on my thyroid gland which i saw them on USG. and lastly i have a swollen lymph node on my left armpit.

again, it could not related to propecia&avodart usage.

Many women claim they got Hashimoto’s after removing Mirena IUD.yes fake hormones can cause Hashimoto’s … ost4195258 … 's+disease

Just wondering if anyone has developed any thyroid problems or symptoms post mirena? I had my levels tested and they all came back in the lower end of normal range which my doctor said can make you feel bad. Curious to see if anyone has had the same.
Hi Ladies. FYI I developed Thyroid issues while on mirena. Had no thyroid function for 20 yrs. Had it destroyed by radiation, but hmmmm. My thyroid somehow attacked itself and gave me something called Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Had total thyroidectomy while on mirena. WTF???