How many studies has the foundation already funded?

Are there any studies released already thanks to the help of the foundation or are they all still being done? Just trying to understand the seriousness and credit of the foundation. They have many studies listed under “research” on their website – have they funded every single one of them?

I don’t mean to be rude, but I am, so that’s how it comes out but the foundation is funded by donation. Hence, the encouragement to donate. As for the seriousness, the chairman lost his son to pfs. Doesn’t get anymore serious or dedicated than that.

How has it worked out yet? Have they got any donations and funded any studies up to this day? Has all the research cited on the site been done also with the help of the foundation? Or are the Baylor and Brigham’s Women’s Hospital’s studies the only ones? Was the genital skin study also funded by the foundation? I think they should boast a little about them.

General skin study funded by foundation.

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Fanjeera, if you have any real questions about the foundation, you should consider writing to the actual foundation. When they have the opportunity, I am sure they will get to you.

Everything that they have done, are doing, and will hopefully continue to do is an extreme courtesy that they are extending to anyone who has been damaged by the poison known as finasteride. It is a privilege, not a right. Try to remember that.

Your line of questioning is misdirected Fanjeera. Ask the foundation, and maybe they will throw you a bone.

I thought you were keeping an eye on everything the foundation does. I thought that’s what this subforum is about. Can anybody give me a straight answer? There can’t have done too many studies with such a short time already that we can’t count them. Did they also fund the cerebrospinal fluid study and the studies Irwig has done?
Okay, I’ll try to be simple. – were all the listed studies there funded by the foundation?
I just want to know, if all the studies done today are driven by the foundation or are some doctors independently also taking a look at the issue.

I think the CEO’s annual report is pretty clear: … l-address/

He says Brigham and Baylor ARE foundation-funded, but that the others are not:

Supporting Research: Peripheral to the clinical research funded by the foundation, a number of studies have recently been published supporting the thesis that finasteride does in fact cause PFS. In a Korean Journal of Urology paper, Dr. A.M. Traish of Boston University School of Medicine writes, “The argument that the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks is slowly eroding in the face of new emerging scientific evidence…The available data demonstrate that such drugs do pose serious adverse effects.” And in a study published in the American Journal of Men’s Health, Dr. Christine Ganzer of the City University of New York writes, “The most notable finding was that adverse effects persisted in each of the domains, indicating the possible presence of a ‘post-finasteride syndrome.’”

Still, I would imagine that some of the researchers behind the scene compare notes and make sure they don’t duplicate efforts.

Hope that helps.

:open_mouth: Sorry , I have to disagree . when you donate money you can expect for example when you lost your child to this awful crap that the foundation do something productive with the money .

It is your feeling they have not used the money wisely? Not that I care if you do think this, but is that your stance?


It is your feeling they have not used the money wisely? Not that I care if you do think this, but is that your stance?[/quote

well I can’t make a definitive statement to this Of course they already did with the recent studies but what I mean is in general when you donate for a certain cause you can expect that x y organization do what they can do to fulfill the promised aims . this is the problem I had with your previous post . you said "It is a privilege, not a right " , sorry but that made me a bit upset.

The foundation consists of people working for nothing. They are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, I promise you. So, yes, it is a privilege.

I think some people have a funny way of looking at the situation, or are they are getting frustrated at the wrong people.

You are all entitled to your opinions, but I can assure, you the foundation has done nothing wrong in this regard, whatsoever.

Getting two studies funded and almost finished at two of the biggest and most well respected and capable medical institutions in American within two years obviously isn’t enough. :unamused:

Seriously guys. They’re a non profit organisation headed off by a dude who lost his Son because of this shit, they’re not taking your money. It’s being put to the best possible use it can, at lightning speed for medical science. The people fucked by accutane and ssri’s have a much bigger community than us and they’re still not medically recognised. Mostly cause they don’t have A foundation or a Mew or An Awor. (or THETIGERSHULL, Second Amendment and the other guys who got us media attention)

That’s more than just privilege.

And the people who expect the foundation to fill them in on every single last detail of the studies and their intentions are obviously living in a fantasy world. The Foundation are standing up to one of the biggest corporations on the Planet, if they release all of their information to us, they release it to Merck. Which allows Merck a chance to hire the best lawyers in the world and build a case before the information is viable enough to be used against them. That risks us losing the lawsuits and consequently the fucking money the foundation will need to fund research into our cure.

Do you understand now? They’ve your best interests at heart.

That was beautiful poetry terrified42, and a very real world way of explaining the situation.

Thank you.

Guys, please, let us all just get along. We have the same goal in mind. Lets achieve it together.

terrified42 - I agree with Len, great post.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. It’s just common sense though really, it always blows my mind how many people don’t have it considering.

Not to mention that studies like the ones at Harvard and Baylor probably cost several hundred thousand dollars each.

That means someone somewhere has put up at least half a million dollars to get this research done.

I would bet there are a few well-off families who have done the lion’s share of donating.

So thank god for them. Because I sure don’t have six figures to donate, do you?

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well it is a “lifestyle drug” I wouldn’t be surprised that some kind of Film or whatever stars are affected so I bet there are rich people who support the foundation . By the way people didn’t get my point I just meant that you can expect some results after this long time that’s all .I really didn’t want to start a discussion . I don’t take things for granted nowadays . that was not my point . but a privilege would be that the scientists get as much money to be only focused on pfs and not voluntary . maybe it’s a difference to suffer 5+ years to someone who suffers “only” 3 . Yes we can’t bring back time but I am afraid that the fast paces the foundation did could be slowed down in near future so the status quo is maybe a “privilege” but what will be in two years ?

Does anyone know what studies the Foundation has funded to date and what studies it intends to fund in the near future?

Also, are there any numbers available on the total amount of contributions being made to it?

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