How many people with PAS (post-accutane/|sotretinoin) used mifepristone/RU-486?

Hi there,

Could people please post in here all of the examples of people with PAS who have used or tried Mifepristone/RU-486? Could you include as much information as possible regarding dosage and how long it was taken. Also whether the supplier was reliable or not.

This would be very useful information to find out, please post any examples you find on the internet of users who have taken it. Knowing the dosage and duration is also very important, if users use a small dose or duration, it may help to explain why it had no effect.



We have Ronnie here. I also know an Accutane case who ordered it from China. I will post his results once he done it.


OK great, finding out the dosage and duration is very important as if the dose is too small, it will likely have no effect as such a small amount will actually reach the brain.