How many people in this website have been diagnosed officially with osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis?

Hello guys, I would like to know how many of you have been diagnosed officially by doctor with osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis? And if you have that diagnose, what helps you to combat this condition, and is there any way out of it, or it’s a life sentence?
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Thanks in advance!

Hello, I’ve had rheumatoid since the age of 15! I have been prescribed all of the immune suppresent drugs over the years. For me the best ones have been the biologics which I have taken since trials in 2000. These are now widely available and are by far the best treatment. I believe the long term use of prescribed steroids made me more susceptible to PFS when taking propecia! Do you suffer from RA only? I can give you lots of hints and tips around diet and supplements that have really helped me over the years

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry to hear that you are suffering from so young! I haven’t been diagnosed with this condition yet, but I do have symptoms that make me think I do suffer from it. I got dry stiff joints, my knees mostly, the right one clicks every time I move it and hurts, my shoulders click a lot especially in the mornings. I got these sides after taking Saw Palmetto and in two years my joints worsen to this state. I have low libido too but it is not something that would bother me, had the other classical sides as brain fog, anxiety, insomnia etc. but the are gone now. My T level is really low, currently the Total T is 11.2 nmol/L, I am 36 years old. Never had any issue with my joints, no one from my family had it to. Next Monday I have an appointment with a specialist, hope he can shed some light over my condition. Any tip from you will be highly appreciated! Cheers!

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Hello again, your symptoms sound like osteo rather than rheumatoid. Though painful exercise is key, omega 3 (2grams) with vit D. Cycle 4 weekly with devil’s claw and rosehip both are very good. Diet wise lots of fish and greens! Your doc may want to prescribe oral steroids which I’d avoid considering they aggravate PFS. Naproxen is good for pain relief though I’d recommend trying without any meds. Citric fruit is also no no. Hope this helps. Cheers


Thanks mate! Will get those supps you suggested, today. I am still thinking if I can get TRT, because IMO the root for my joint issues is the low T. Cheers!

Good luck with it mate keep me posted

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Thanks buddy! I will :slight_smile:

Hi tisho did you try trt abd if so did it help?

Hi man.
My T levels are within range according the doctors so they won’t let me to start TRT.
Thanks for asking.

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No worries, did the supps help with the joint oroblems?

I am taking Vit D3 now as I got defficiency, omega 3 makes me worse as I remember from before when I used to take a lot of herbs and supplements, the other two, frankly I am trying to stay away from supplements and stuff as they are the main culprit for my worsening.

Agreed nate supps are generly bad news good luck and stay well

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Thanks again for your message man! God bless you!

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I have osteoarthritis by my pelvis/lower back. I think because of my pelvic floor issues due pssd. Its sucks a lot. I’m only 21