How many people are prone to choking on food or water?

I had muscle loss, and I developed this five months after I stopped taking it. Easy to choke on food and water, a little short of breath, I am a young man, if they continue to progress, I think I have a reason to choose to end it all, I don’t understand why I develop them you early. To be honest, I’m tired… It’s a never-ending battle

I have experienced this couple of times. The food was in my mouth but I was not able to move it down the throat. You feel like you have forgotten the act of swallowing. I stayed like this more or less for a minute then everything started working.

same,Is this something you’ve had since you stopped taking it, or is it more recent, and after more than 10 years, how do you feel? I see you also have muscle loss, how is your muscle condition now, does it stop and build up some muscle, my loss is mainly in the legs

It started almost 8 years ago.
Muscle come and go
if Vit D level is good, I feel good, as it goes low, muscles disappear, bone pain and muscles pain return. And all symptoms come back like fatigue, gum bleeding, frequent urination, sleep issue, nausea etc

Hi spstriken.

Can I please ask you to explain your experience with Vit D in detail?

I’ve been reading through your profile, but if you could please summarize it would be very helpful, as I’m considering vitamin D.

Are you certain you’re chewing your food sufficiently before swallowing?

I’m prone to choking on under-chewed food when under stress - I simply forget how to eat properly when distracted. I’m sure the rest of your PFS symptoms could be distressing enough to provoke a similar reaction.

Nothing secret about VitD3. It helps me with my bones ,muscles, and appetite etc but it is not a cure.
Some people reported no benefits from it. Please consult your doctor about it.