How many of you lost hodor, sweat, sebus and hair?

When I developed “pssd” from 5htp (on august 2018), my symptoms where “just” no libido, ED , light brainfog and muscolar weakness. My body did not changed untill june 2019. Since june (I was taking Tribulus 700mg), my body totally crashed. I lost all fat on my face, all muscles become soft and hurting, my joints become thicker and hurt, my brainfog is over the top, i stoped to sweat, I lost my body hodor, my oily face become dry and my hair like straw and start to fall copiously.
Now, the only think where i saw little improvements, are sexual sides, but i’m still in a bad situation (ED, low libido, PE…), but my urinary incontinence and my testicular and penile pain are less.
Physical and mental sides, worse day by day.
My tendons hurt and crunch, i can’t walk anymore for over 100/150 steps. My brainfog is at the level that I cannot I can’t make out the faces.

Any other with these symptoms?



P. S. Sorry for bad english.

My body odours are extremely weak, they would take days with no showering to show up. My sebum production is ok but not as heavy as it used to be. I also can’t seem to build muscle now.

I’m able to build muscle, I’m the strongest and bulkiest I’ve ever been but I don’t have body odor. I used to have to use deodorant after each workout and sweat like a :pig2: but not anymore. Hair is dry and skin oil is gone except for forehead

How often do you lift weights and how heavy are you lifting mate?

3 times per week and not that heavy. My max lifts at 160 lb bodyweight:

230lb bench
330lb deadlift
?? Squat (not doing squats because knees have been acting up)