How many of you have eye floaters? Have they gone?

I took propecia and i had no eye problems before it. After its use i noticed redder eyes, weaker eyes and more sensitive eyes. Now i have floaters. I see black dots out of my eye. I dont know how this drug is allowed to be sold, among the long list of side effects floaters are also a possibility and they are so so horrible.

How many of you have them? Have they gone away? Is there anything we can do?

I dont know, but being on test I have noticed the colors are more saturated and my eyesight is more clear, hard to tell if it is placebo or not

Oh yes, completely forgot about those.

I did for a time. Noticeable but certainly were “survivable” and in my right eye. Didn’t notice any in my left.

Got used to them for a while, just chasing and staring around a big white screen now and they’ve gone indeed.