How many of us are overachievers (push to hard)

I was wondering how many of us would consider they had this trait before pfs? Like we were perfectionists, or were extremely hard workers.

Perfectionism is my worst and best trait. Exhausting at times, rewarding at others.
Thats why for me PFS is a nightmare. Knowing you’re far from your best, not functioning at 100%, your body is lacking something it had before.
I’ve improved slightly since the turn of year yet i cant be happy until i reach (what i believe) to be a pre fin state.


I was like that 100% but it was not stressful things came to me quite easily. Stepping out of the house causes me more stress now.

is it possible that this is what gave us PFS? Maybe the reason why so many of us get stuck in this “state” we simply cannot accept it, and stress about recovery.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us just have anxiety disorders causing our sexual problems etc. However, I don’t think that there is generally a problem of overachievement in this community. I’d describe the activity here as more like rumination than achievement.

Im thinking of this being stress induced, physical, mental etc Of course the drug plays a part in all of this, but it’s as if we were susceptible to it.

My hypothesis is that anything or any dynamic that causes excess stress will make one vulnerable to developing PFS. It doesn’t have to be perfectionism, it could be low self esteem, excess anxiety. Neurosteroids regulate stress response so taking finasteride could decompensate an already overburden stress response. That will have so many wide reaching downstream effects that modern medicine can’t even capture with respect to neuroplasticity and epigenetics and maybe even hormone receptor sensitivity. Just my opinion but I’ve spent over a decade trying to understand this shit.


Yes I wouldn’t be surprised at all of PFS was largely something just like that we don’t have enough neurosteroids, which causes us not to be able to cope with everyday stress, which causes us to start underperforming in various ways, causing more stress, culminating in a kind of PTSD like state where we’re in a chronic fight or flight mode that shuts down our sexual function.

But anyway, it doesn’t matter what we hypothesize because our hypotheses alone haven’t produced improved outcomes ever. Our only way out of this mess is by getting research going. If that wasn’t clear from the beginning it certainly is now after 15 years of almost no progress.

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What you’re saying is contradictory and unhelpful.

You are saying that it doesn’t matter what we hypothesize bc past hypothesis haven’t produced improved outcomes.
Only way out is to research (which are based on hypotheses).

Your constant pessimism, while not your fault, is sucking energy out of the community and having a negative impact beyond yourself FYI.

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Yeah I guess I we see things differently. I see an incredible untapped opportunity to establish our condition as real and obtain treatment through commencement of serious-scale research. To me that’s something to be very excited and enthusiastic about. If you think the only way is through laymen trying to learn about medicine themselves through google and wikipedia, then yeah, being reminded that hasn’t ever worked would be depressing. Don’t see any reason to think that, though. To each their own but I think the untapped potential of research is a tremendous cause for optimism. In any case, it also doesn’t matter who is right. It’s not as if one person’s attitude or opinion on the internet could significantly influence the outcome of an entire community. Ultimately, either the community at large will need to coalesce around a revised approach for different results or else expect same results of past.

I started taking Licorice root, and doing Wim Hof method. I had the best sex of my life a week later. My erection would not go down, it was like a rock. The skin of my penis felt thinner, like more sensitive. Balls still felt dead, but I’ll take it. Im gonna continue this way. Trying to avoid stress, breathing exercises, diet, and adaptogens.

4A* in high school now struggling in medical school… serious hope its reversible for me

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I’d say I am, for sure. I’ve always been quite smart and people always said I had a lot of potential. The reason I took Fin to begin with was because I was worried that going bald would close up certain opportunities for me, which I now realise is bullshit but too little, too late lol.

I agree with what Gord said - one of the saddest things about this for me is not feeling like I’m as good as I used to be, and especially at such a young age. I tell myself maybe I’m being taught to accept imperfection more but it’s such a hard thing to learn and I get sad and angry about it quite often.


Yea, I’d say I was driving myself really hard. Always aiming at the top educational institutions and companies. No time to catch a breath at all, even after I got PFS.

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