How many have ONLY sexual dysfunctions (and no other symptoms)?

I apologize if this specific topic has already been discussed here…if so you could pass me the link please.

Many with PFS and PSSD report a wide range of symptoms, in addition to sexual dysfunctions: cognitive dysfunction, emotional blunting, anhedonia, pain similar to fibromyalgia, sleep disturbance, loss of muscle mass, change in response to substances (eg coffee) etc.

Some with PSSD, perhaps a minority (?), report ONLY sexual dysfunctions (this is also my case).

I would like to know how many of you have “only” sexual dysfunction as a symptom of the PFS syndrome.

If there were the possibility I would like to get this from the surveys we are collecting.

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It’s hard to say because sexual dysfunction can cause depression and anxiety.

I will tell you that when I was oblivious of this condition, 80-90% of my issues were libido and ED related. The other 10-20% were mild depression, mild insomnia, and possibly mild cognitive issues. as months and months of no libido and no morning wood continued, my depression became worse and worse, and this whole experience has definitely put my in a negative loop of despair


you’re right, the mood can only be affected dramatically, which is why I didn’t include depression in the symptoms of the syndrome I listed.
in some cases other symptoms such as sleep disorders, etc. could be a consequence of this depression which is a consequence of sexual dysfunction.
however in many cases these symptoms are perceived as part of the syndrome itself and not consequences of sexual dysfunction
really a mess

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I would say most of my problems were sexual dysfunctions, I may have some emotional blunting but that’s something I can live with. If I can get the sexual dysfunctions figured out I’d be okay, but as @Sawproblemo said dealing with this can definitely lead to anxiety and depression.


Mine was mainly just sexual. Some emotional bluntness, that has passed.

I have everything but sexual dysfunction and want to die every day my health is completely destroyed and body but my dick works great.

This applies to me.

Both to the extreme. No boners ever, emotionally otiinally crushed every day and not because of my dead member

It is quite depressing to have to rely on dick pills in your mid twenties. But yes most of my symptoms are sexual (numbness is my biggest one and I hate it). I can sleep all day too if I wanted, so some chronic fatigue symptoms which I counteract with nicotine and coffee

Could be your adrenals, I took a low dose of Hydrocortisone and it helped.

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When I first took SSRIs before PFS, I just had some minor emotional blunting, minor libido changes, fatigue, motivation issues and also some genital numbness. I didn’t even realize there was something wrong because i was still doing really well in school and at the gym. I guess at some point I had minor PSSD and that did not prepare me for the bad end of this syndrome (assuming they’re all the same thing, which I think isn’t very far fetched. My personal experience was that basically all the issues I had from taking SSRIs just disappeared the first time I took fin)

This is exactly my experience with PFS

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A very interesting observation. So when you took Finasteride the issues disappeared?

Me, only mild sexual symptoms for 5 years.

Hey @BP86, please can you take the user survey? It directly contributes to our work here at the site.

As for me, I can sleep for only 3.5 hours at a time, down to 1.5 hours whenever I am stressed including exercising just a bit too much. But my dick works fine. Would you trade places with me?

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Hard to say but I would pay my life savings to be able to make love with a girl and feel pleasure again


you too have premature ejaculation cause of fin right? i reach an orgasm within a few seconds now lol

I believe I filled it out a year and a half ago when I first joined.

The survey wasn’t available until this year. You’re probably getting the survey mixed up with the short general symptom checklist in the member story tenplate.