How long have you been in recovery?

Hey guys,

Just wondering how long you’ve been in recovery, what symptoms you had in the beginning and what has improved etc.

You would need to really go through tons of member stories to get a broad overview of that sort of thing. For me, at almost 5 months post-cessation, I’m at decent mental and erection recovery as long as I haven’t been drinking alcohol/eating poorly, and have therefore had a decent number of days of good sleep. Watery semen, low libido, and intermittent testicular atrophy remain, however.

To begin with I had disabling levels of brain fog and complete ED. Took a couple months for serious improvements, up to 80%. Currently at at least 85%. Hoping for more recovery. Took 4 pills.

What’s your testicular atrophy like, btw? Mine feel like they’re still there, but often retracted up as if I’m cold, especially if I’m going to the toilet. They don’t feel light – how is this symptom for you?

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So you have recovered 85% in all aspects or just cognitively? My balls are the same but they feel very light. Very low semen volume, just one drop or two, no sensitivity in genitals and never get aroused still. What have you done in terms of recovery, any excercise etc?

Can get strong erections, if I don’t drink for a few days they’re basically 100%, and I’m sure they would be with cialis/viagra. Brain fog is obviously hard to calculate. There’s basically no active feeling of fogginess, it’s mainly issues with eyesight, not being able to focus or relax my vision properly. Most people would probably put it at 100% recovered, but I feel more reasonable saying 90%.

I have watery semen, but still decent semen volume, and no reduced genital sensitivity since that first night when I had zero brain-penis connection.

I have very low libido but can get erections quite easily now. Strange mix. For recovery, just do the best to get a solid 8 hours of sleep. I do barely any exercise. Eat healthy, low starch, carbs, gluten, etc.

How long has it been since your last crash?


Glad to hear that man! I crashed in february. Had a brief periodwhere things felt like they were getting better then crashed again in june.

Well if things got noticeably worse in June, can you think of anything that caused it? Anyhow, that’s still within three months so I’d definitely say you’ve still got room for improvement. Took past 4 months for me to have an extended feeling of being extremely improved (several days at almost 100%), so hang in there.

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I’m not so sure what could have caused it. I started going for runs, felt better and suddenly I crashed. I managed to push myself to a workout today. but I feel completely drained after. Before I used to have that dopamine rush after completing a workout, but now I just felt like a zombie. I hope so man. I really miss socializing and having a good time, hoping the next two months bring something good.

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