How long can recovery take?

Hi I am off Accutane 2 years in May there and have seen what I feel little improvement. I did have numbness and couldn’t feel a thing this has somewhat went away. My libido is at zero nothing at all (this is my biggest worry I need this to come back). My penis didn’t work for the last year and a half but from FEB i was able to have sex for say 15-20 mins this might require me to stop start but some times it works. I have morning erection say 2 times a week but when I do have these they are only semi hard on top of this sometimes when im lying in bed I get an erection that will last 20-30 mins where it feels like its about to fall off no idea why it does this. I have took Accutane 3 times in my life the first time I was 17 and has no side effects the second and third was close by 4 months on 50mg and 7 months on 20mg daily. I beat myself up everyday because I told the derm this was an issue at the time he said it cant be them its not a side effect so I trusted him now he has said sorry I was correct… My question is … is there a time frame for recovery I see people saying 2 years and then after that there is no recovery but then I see people saying after 5 years things got better can you recovery from this it seems to be there arnt many recovery stories is this because there is none or is it because they moved on with their life? Please if you are reading this reply even if its not good news. I see that I have recovered as it didn’t work at all now it semi works and I can now have sex but with no urge to do it which is annoying the life out of me. I seen a study that post SSRI recovery can take up to 4.3 years I dont know how true this is. Thanks

The good news is that people have reported feeling recovered after all sorts of periods of time. I’ve read anecdotes of people saying they felt better after 1, 3, 5 even 10 years. The bad news is that no-one can reliably predict this on a case by case basis.

Try and hold strong, I believe we will have a better understanding of what is going on in a few years and it’s possible a treatment could then follow quickly. We all need to stick together and just do what we can to advance the issue.


While you wait to recover there are many things you can to help us move the issue forward so we can eventually have a cure for our condition


Do you think that it could effect for recovery time if i got side effects after stopping fin.

I had shrinking penis and full impotence and after 10 months i have hard flaccid but im able to have sex. So maybe 70% recovery least when im on diet.

There’s not much point measuring your progress against others, unfortunately. People have posted anything from a week to 3 months to a decade. One thing they all have in common is that there’s nothing particularly replicable in their stories. Sorry that’s such a non-answer but it really seems that people’s stories and journeys are very individual.

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True but I cant live like this My life has been torn apart everyday is a focus on this. The question what if I didn’t take them? Why did I Why didn’t i listen to my body why did the doctors tell me it wasn’t a side effect. I have been with my GF 10 years and dont feel any sexual feeling from her and its heart-breaking because deep down I know I should but it has been taken away from me as has my dick working fine and my libido gone with no hope of coming back. Its been 2+ years and there is little if not none improvement tbh I tell myself this and my gf tells me there is as it stays hard and we can have sex but doing when doing it it goes down then we have to do it again for a few mins then it goes down and I dont understand why me out of everyone I want to live a normal life im a 26 year old man meant to be looking forward to a family a life. I also haven’t had an erection naturally in that time randomly on top of this when I kiss my gf I get a feeling down there but there doesn’t seem to be any movement at all. I wish a doctor could say it will take 15 years to recover 10 or 12 this I don’t know it is only time will tell you might get better you might not it wrecking my head and I don’t know how much long I can carry this on for its there every single min of every single day.

Hey, how are you doing now? Any signs of improvement?

i dont want to make you go in panic, but after 6 long painful years i have not recovered my mental wellbeing and libido nor my joints and skin/eyes.
I just pray the majority can recover earlier than me, because i would not wish this nightmare upon my worst enemies.