How long before I know if I’m in it for the long run

Hey all, I started taking Finasteride back in July/August being 1mg I finished my last dosage in middle of August, I still have fatigue problems, ED, and lack of Libido. However recently I have noticed my semen is becoming thicker which is a great thing.

How long before I know if I’ll be alright and back to normal? I’ve read online that it will be 1-6 months but at the same time I’m seriously losing hope.

Hey there,

Yes, you’ll need to give it at least 3-6 months. Most likely it will be okay. We have a lot of people posting here and then disappear forever or sometimes report that they have naturally recovered.

In the meantime:
Avoid any type of hairloss product in any form (like minoxidil, or anything containing saw palmetto) because they are also 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. Make sure you get all your nutrients. Avoid alcohol. Avoid smoking.

Take care

Hey man,

Thank you for the information,

Take care

Okay, haven’t had any big improvements at the moment, how long have you been suffering for?

Feeling down/suicidal as symptoms aren’t improving

All the best


Hey, sorry for the late response. We are here for you.

I have been in this for over a year now, little in the way of improvement sadly in my case some aspects have actually become worse. That said, my case doesn’t speak for everybody, so please don’t let it get you down. Others have better progressions over time.

Give it some more time. Take good care of yourself. Try exercising maybe.
I’m sad I can’t offer you anything more concrete. Try to focus your attention on other things in your life that give you joy, like music, movies or games or maybe sport.

You’re in it already most likely but you never know really, it could be gone within a year.