How is your family situation?!


My dear friends, needless to say to you that my illness that taking a scary turn not only for the person I love and that has destroyed me and still hurt me, I am also receiving the evil from my family! My family, my mother, the woman who put me in the world believes me crazy! The same is happening to my dear friend @Asia. I have never been comforted or receive compassion from the woman I love or even from my family, believe me this is a terrifying nightmare! Do your family members believe, your parents? Today my aunt, a great bitch, came to see me, she dared to laugh in my face telling me that the PFS disease “if it exists” is not comparable to her diabetes! But do you realize? But ugly bitch how can you compare diabetes to PFS? WTF is a joke? Just an insulin and you’re fine, live your life in full peace! You do not miss anything! You physically, neurologically and sexually do not have anything! I have serious neurological problems, depression and extreme anxiety and loss of cognition, loss of taste and smell. Physically I’m falling apart, I have anesthesia to the body no longer feel any muscle mass, collagen is gone! I can not train, before I went to the gym I had a beautiful body! I became a monster! I have head pain, bone pain, white hair, dry and wrinkled skin. Sexually a total disaster, I lost a dramatic penile tissue in length and flaccid circumference and feels empty, reduced testicles, I am completely impotence that I do not respond to Viagra-Cialis-Prostaglandine, VD, I have no sensitivity, I can not have erections I can not masturbate, I can not have sex, I can not have orgasms, I can not have women anymore, I can not have love or have children! I can not have a shit anymore! How the hell can diabetes be worse? This can fuck from morning to night, blowjob and be licked shitty pussy while I can not do any of this! And what do I hear? “You do not know what you say, diabetes is worse and your penis does not serve you anyway” WTF? Damn bitch I hope you die! Comparing diabetes with PFS is like comparing a cold to cancer! Does not the penis serve? So tonight do not take it in your mouth, in your ass and pussy and do not come in your mouth! PUTTANA! I would like to see your son in my place, and see the suffering you are feeling sick. I can not wait to get this diagnosis and so we do it once and for all. All of this is chilling. The situation has completely devastated my family. Yours are my only supporters, nobody understands what we have. All of this is a damn nightmare, they’re killing me. Sorry, I had to vent myself I’m going crazy.


@joey10 my friend how is your family situation?


I have quite good familie situation. They belive the symtoms more or less but can of course never understand how totaly mybody have been Destroyed. They to support me best they come. But im living bymyself so its hard to have the energy do live a healthy life.


@Damon have u tried anything like tamoxifen,clomid,AI,TRT,anything?
i hear u complain all the time but u havent tried anything to recover…


I have had a couple of days were i felt really bad hormonel. the worst symtoms feeling pain inscalp, dry eyes and genitala complete shot of and still i manager to work, but i dont Know how long i coulde continue in this shity stat. My skin become worse for each day. I feel like a anheathy very old Persson. How life get any worse!


TRT? Is a joke? I have DHT insane (1750) it would be a madness! AI no. thanks. I have tried Vitamin b1 have seriously aggravated my symptoms. Now I’m waiting for the doctor Daniele Santi.


My family situation is shit. They all believe that I have symphtons but they just say that stop complaining about them. They have no idea what this. Nobody does, except you guys on this forum. My mum is just worried about that I cant go to work anymore. She just saying that i need to go to psyciatric. And that just same song all over again. But overall, Im all alone with my destroied body and nobody has no clue what im dealing with.


I finally broke down and told my family about this around two years ago. They were supportive at first and took me to an endocrinologist for one visit and when bloodwork looked normal they completely dismissed the idea that anything is wrong with me and at this point probably don’t even remember taking me in the first place. I think they just chalk everything up to depression, like most doctors. At least we all have the support of each other.


@Asia I love you, I think you’re the only girl can understand me :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:
Also all of my friends, in particular @Axolotl thank you for your support!

My situation is only getting progressively worse

Nobody understands. It’s even harder.


My family wants to put me in an intensive psychological treatment, maybe a mental facility, I mean my sister - they noticed the tremendous change in my looks and face, so they can’t deny PFS, but my sister thinks that I won’t be able to cope with that and I need serious help - she’s probably right.
It’s really hard, very hard.

@Damon :* but I still believe you will find a nice young woman one day, just chill out!


Comparing diabetes to PFS is madness.
That slut of my aunt is CRAZY! FUCK!


All vanity, my friend, I will NEVER have a woman again and then you’re not ugly! I saw you in the picture! Please do not get in any facilities or take any other drugs, please! :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


Maybe Clomid could help to get you through the worst of it, it should only raise Test/estrogen, I think @Invictus is using clomid at the moment.
Mirtazapine is also a antidepressant others have used during the worst stages. You’re right though your Aunt is an ignorant fool, please hang in there mate.


@Chapman raises a good point. As you’re so obviously distressed @Damon, are you taking anything to help?


Show your mother to this forum. Show her the studies of PFS and so on. She will believe it.