How is your experience with Erectile Dysfunction drugs?

Anyone with erectyl dysfunction? With drugs is your sex feeling the same as before finasteride?

cialis…not the same but allows you to get it done

Not the same? Oh…I am a virgin than I will never know what its like to have sex without side effects.

should have phrased that more carefully…this condition has ups and downs and you will
improve over time

when im up sometimes its 100pc normal and i dont even need cialis…when im down i can still
function with cialis but obviously not 100pc

wouldn’t dwell on it and focus on positives, it’s a terrible condition but symptoms can be managed and you are young so have a great shot at full recovery

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Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have all helped at times. It can really be hit or miss though. Injections have also been hit or miss. PT-141 did not help. I have a new pill coming soon called Zudena.

When you have venous leak (VL) like many of us do, these drugs will work sometimes and not others. Even when they do work though, they do not always work 100% and come with side effects.

Any recent experiences with specifically viagra?

Hey @iHATEMerck

I noticed you haven’t completed the patient survey yet. When you have some time, could you please complete it using the instructions in this video I created:

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Why cialis doesent work well anymore ?

U joined a year ago and still haven’t taken the survey !! Plz do it if possible.

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Personally, Viagra does nothing. Cialis is significantly better.

I thought this until i took it on completely empty stomach. Totally different experience