How does TRT really work?

Hi everyone, new poster here but been following the forum for some time.

I’ve been suffering from PAS since march. Initially I had it pretty severe: 0 libido, no sensitivity, nearing impotence, low morale, sleep issues etc… I got better in most areas since then but it’s still pretty bad. I was making a lot of gains after a couple of tribulus cycles but when I got off my second cycle I started suffering from high anxiety and insomnia which made me drop trib and sadly I did not keep the gains I made on it (was like 70% recovered).

I went to the endo and he prescribed me a low dose of testosterone pills (undecanoate, 2x 40mg pills per day) as I sit at 564 ng/dl serum test right now. I know for most of us TRT doesn’t work but I’m really tempted to try.

My question is: will the exogeneous test add on to my baseline level? I heard that when you take testosterone your body stops producing it, but I’m not sure whether such a low dose will do that. My objective is to slightly increase my test and see how my symptoms react.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, welcome to the forum

Tesosterone pills… do those even have a reasonable bioavailability? Anyway I wouldn’t really recommend taking it, it seems like very few people got improvement from it and some got even worse. Also you already have a decent natural T level (depends on your age tbh). That’s a very small dose but I believe it will still prevent endogenous production to some degree. Personally I regret taking steroids because they didn’t help and now my testicles seem to be permanently atrophied.