How doctors treat you? (I got expelled from doctors office)

Hello guys, my mind reminded me a past event. This anger waves are killing me inside. People are so rude! Even doctors! They have this stupid God Complex! 2 months ago, i went to urology in a special hospital. I paid a lot for an simple examination and the doctor didn’t even listened to me. I went there twice, to show my blood and semen results, he calmly listened my problems and theories about PFS first, but the second time this happened; Im writing an abstract version of our dialogue.

Me: So, here are the blood and sperm results sir…

Dr. Ok, all looks within the rage, you are fine.

Me: Well… i expected this, i know they are within the range, but i have a hourglass penis before urination and my balls got smaller, i have also very very low semen volume since i took Accutane…

Dr: You are fine, tests and physical examination shows nothing… (he says this very rude and strict.) I didn’t saw a hourglass shape. Also you didn’t measured your testicles before, you can not prove this and i can not do anything about this.

Me: Its because the hourglass shape happens before urination, sir, i know you need to follow a protocol to treat your patients, but as i said, i have these issues, just because my results look “within the range” it doesn’t means that im not sick. Don’t you think? Can you at least give me a doppler scan test? (I talk very kind and almost miserable while saying these things)

Dr: No i can’t give you a doppler scan, we don’t give to people like you, i have nothing to do for you. (Here comes the breaking point) please leave my office.

Me: But… ok… please listen me, i researched this syndrome, its called PFS and it is on medical literature… there is a theory called androgen overexpres… -

Dr: I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THEORIES. Please leave the room allright?

Then i went out and filled a complaint form which has no meaning… my hands were shaking because of anger. And i leaved the hospital. I can’t believe this is really happened. A special doctor expelled me from his office out of nothing! I wish i said many things to him that i couldn’t say at that moment. He was so rude and disrespectful.

I posting this because i wonder about the other doctors from other countries. Did they treat you this rude too? Did they listen you, or just cut it out like " i dont have time for theories, you look fine".

I hate doctors like this, i hate this kind of disrespectful people. He literally expelled a patient from his room, he didn’t even listen me. At least he should listened my theory and gived me some advice and information about hormones… what kind of a person is this. Just for the record: His name is Op. Dr. Serkan Akdemir (Medicalpark İzmir Turkey)


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