how do you lower your estrogen naturally?

Since quitting fin, I suspect my estrogen levels are too high, because I have a mild gyno and a swollen upper lip, indicators of high estrogen. Also I can feel that i have high estrogen in some way.

So what can you do to lower estrogen NATURALLY and effectively? I notice when doing HIT workouts, like sprints or leg kicks into a punching bag at a high intensity or gym workout, OR cold showers - I find that my upper lip and gyno get better and sometimes reverse just after minutes or seconds. I guess the high estogen gyno Im experiencing appears on the outisde by a water retention in the lips and breasts.

The problem is that it bounces back to high estrogen after the workouts, gyno comes back and lip swells up again

What to do? do you have any other way to counter estrogen?

… Some people have talked about anti-estogenic diets…


DIM supplements or cruciferous vegetables. My E2 Dropped from doing this. Unfortunately I didn’t feel any better.

I’m in a damned good mood tonight and I’m off this forum soon, to much negativity here. Gonna help one of my natural bros before I take my leave of absence though.

  1. fix your gut, plenty of fibre, it helps with elimination.

  2. Natural aromatase inhibitors. Chrysin and DIM. I use both. They help. Less is more though.

  3. calcium d-glucarate. It helps detoxify excessive estrogen and other crap in your blood stream too. Bonus.

  4. phytoestrogens like quercetin bind to the estrogen receptors, they’re much, much weaker than the real deal but you will likely feel worse before better as more of the real stuff circulates in your bloodstream. Good elimination and calcium d-g will help with that. I’m only familiar with quercetin. Do the research.

  5. look into methylation, if you’re a good methylator, your body is more efficient at detoxing. Including excess steroid hormones.

  6. DHT opposes estrogen. Once you’ve gotten everything else in check, investigate prohormones. Its not for everyone but I plan to cycle in a few months. Also from what I’ve read the substrate dictates the precursor enzyme activity. Counter intuitive I know, but I’m not a scientist.

Research all of the things I’ve recomended as well as promoting the “c-2 pathway”. Seriously. Do not fuck with anything anyone tells you on the internet without researching it until you know exactly what you’re doing yourself. Knowledge is power.

Make sure your nutrition is on point.

Also, minimise your exposure to chemical estrogens. Bisphenol-A is present in most plastics, it’ll leech into the water in the bottle, it’ll leech into your food if you microwave a container with it in. Try to use all natural products for personal hygiene etc. If you put it on your skin, you better be happy with having it in your body, cause that’s where its going to end up. Look at the progesterone guys. Or the trt gel guys.

Check out estrogenic foods. Try and avoid them.

I can’t stress this enough, research every single thing I’ve recommended until you understand it like the back of your hand, don’t mess with anything until you’re sure you understand it.

You need some estrogen BTW. So don’t crush it. You’ll feel like shit.

Good luck, notna and one more thing. Stop asking people who’ve recovered questions and believe you’re going go get better. You will. So will I. So will mcibofh even though he doesn’t believe us yet.

Edit - I forgot. Tea tree oil and lavender are both estrogenic. I assume other natural compounds are estrogenic too. Avoid them.

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Paleo diet!!! Tons of vegetables (no carots), grass fed meats, steaks, no heavy starch foods (sandwiches, pasta etc), tons of almonds! This diet has made a major difference in how I feel.

told you in the beginning that high estrogen is the culprit for all these feminine side effects.Did you try any AI ?? you are lucky though your test levels are still in high range…

Yeah this really helped keep my body in a low-fat, anabolic state, considering. I would be so much bigger now if I had good hormones, but low-carb paleo (lots of cruciferous veggies, other greens, and plenty of seaweed and other iodine), has kept my body in pretty good shape. I’m on carbs right now, but only because ketosis will stress your thyroid if it persists long enough. Still keepin’ it gluten free and using carb backloading principles.

Are any of you guys still active? I’m having hard Estrogen problems. My E2 is normal but total estrogens and E1 is pretty high, and I’ve noticed physical symptoms from it.

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Is a swollen upper lip a symptom of high estrogen? Upper lip swelling just started for me, and my E is also climbing.

Does anyone have a pubmed reference for the connection between high E and upper lip swelling?

Bump. Does anybody have a reference to a reputable source that says that high estrogen causes a swollen upper lip.

(My upper lip swelling have gotten worse and worse the last few weeks, and I’m curious to see if E is indeed the problem).

What kind of symptoms may i ask?

I have some lip swelling, but its a hypothyroid symptom in my case. Its called myxedema.

I’m not sure if high E could cause upper lip swelling, but I guess with PFS everything is possible.

Methylation is the key notna boy!

Has anyone tried methylation supplements ? Any improvements?

Methylation is a rabbit hole, but I had great effects from it.

What happens if your body has completely shut off androgen function? Rubbery skin, dying of hairs, twitching, weak, unresponsive muscles…can methylating help?

Dim wont lower estrogen what it actually does is convert estradiol to estrone BUT estrone can convert right back to estradiol so take choline or trymethylglycine

estone is better than estradiol?