How do you guys cope with the boredom that comes along with anhedonia?

This is something that’s been pretty difficult to manage. I finish my work/tasks for the day and then I have no idea what to do. I try playing video games like I used to but they provide little to no fun these days. I don’t get out much these days as a result of this condition. Sometimes buying myself something nice gives me that dopamine rush but that’s obviously not a sustainable practice monetarily. Interested to hear how others cope with this. I’m open to trying new hobbies that might be stimulating, as well.


I deal with this pretty well in the summer, not so much in the winter:


  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Cook yourself a nice breakfast and make French press coffee

(In summer)

  • Long walks in nature + a nighttime walk
  • Bike rides
  • Cold showers
  • Go to coffee shop and get strong iced coffee as caffeine temporarily makes dopamine receptors more sensitive to circulating dopamine
  • Cook or grill a nice meal for dinner

Idk if your into art but maybe some abstract painting?

It’s cathartic and there’s much to learn despite what ppl think about it

Any questions I’d be happy to help you

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Might have to try this, thanks!

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My pleasure
Any questions dm me

No more copes left, just acceptance.