How do you cope with severe anhedonia?

I am not even talking about sex but how do you live a meaningful life when nothing else brings you any pleasure?


Its extremely difficult. Even a few years ago I got the odd few hours uplift “happy,humour,sociable” often down to things I ate (which I wasn’t aware of at the time) so I naturally hoped I may recover at some point. This has fallen away with time. The last time I had anything but emotional distress and pain was when I tried baccopa. Again a I only got a few hours.

Now I still try to socialise to a degree “very tough” PFS tells me to withdraw and hide" passive people are the best to be around , I also do volunteer work a few times per week, I try to perform an act of kindness regularly. I tell myself that via Jesus I’m healed over and over. I try to see the beauty in my surroundings eg nature. I try to occupy and distract my mind. One day the balanced emotions may return so you/we can’t give up and trying to initiate them is a must.

Settling for where we are will not help. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve fallen many times when surveying the losses and facing this daily.

However and notably when I did get the odd uplift it felt amazing to feel normal I felt reborn. To suffer the loss of what is such a basic human right is colossal but the feeling of the return is undescribable better than any other experience which just shows the devestation of this particular side.

Hope this helps a little.Keep going