How do you control your emotions?

I am three years away from being in Pfs. The first year was very hard. So I stopped thinking about pfs. The method was quite useful and kept me going until now.

But not all emotions are confident. For example, on a weekend night, I think of the reality that I am in. This is unstoppable.

Especially I can’t control my anger. I am furious with Merck’s officials and the countless people who have recommended fina to me and who have dismissed me as a weak-minded person complaining of side effects. I am tempted to turn them and their families into minced meat.

Maybe I’m getting tired of cheating myself. But I am not confident of accepting.


I have no idea how I will or if I can. I hope to god I see some massive improvements because being in this state forever is going to fuck me up

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I can no longer remember the pleasures and orgasms of my hard erection and sexual awakening. I’ve lost the feeling of love.

It feels as if it hadn’t been there since the beginning.


Meditation has helped me a lot. The exercise gives me a lot more headspace, and allows me to separate my thoughts from my emotions. I also find myself saying things to myself like “I don’t need 100% sexual and physical function to be content” thanks to meditation.

There are still hard days, and I might get a psychologist or professional so I can rant to someone and learn more strategies to cope.


Yes, I thought I could live an emotionally full life, even if I had no sexual function. There are so many beautiful places in the world and so many people and so many things that didn’t happen. There are many delicious foods and many things to enjoy such as games and novels.

But I had no choice but to accept the fact that my emotions were becoming smoother this year. I felt I had changed a little before, but I was ignoring it. Eating delicious food was not fun and I was not impressed by watching great movies and playing games.

I didn’t get excited when I met my high school classmates. I couldn’t feel anything even though I ate warm food that my grandmother did. Looking up at the star-filled night sky in my hometown in December, I can’t remember the old feeling.

I had a girl whom I met at the age of 16. We met in online games and at the age of 19, we met in real life and went to college together in Seoul. She was a natural gourmet. I think she was quite lovely to enjoy various foods. We’ve been friends for a while.

After realizing that I was bald, I began to stay away from her little by little. I was deeply ashamed of the fact that I was bald. I got on the Finsteride after desperately thinking about it. I sensed the side effects early on, but…I was terrified. I stopped fin after half a year but ended up like this.

That’s how time went by. I realized at some point that my feelings toward her were not the same as before. Yes, I liked her. She was emotionally huge in my heart. I liked her more than any other beautiful woman in the world. At the age of 16, the special relationship that started as a game was something that I really valued. Even though I didn’t have the courage…I’m a real scumbag.

After graduating from college, we became office worker and continue to be friends. She now has a boyfriend. But now I don’t feel anything about it. Should I be jealous? I understand rationally, but I don’t know in my heart. I know that emotions existed in the past, but that’s all. I don’t know who I was. I was dead in the past.

The only emotion I can feel now is anger. I’m sorry I wrote down a useless story.


It’s not right. The injustice. It takes away the really special parts of life. The fuckers who sell this drug are capitalising on the most prone insecure men who just want a better life then they get hit hard, it’s not fair.

They should have some empathy and realise they need to protect these people from things like this happening. Years and I mean years ago Merck should’ve said oh hey sorry guys we failed this drug has particularly devastating side effects we gave it a shot but we’re not willing to risk hurting you guys were a medicine company after all

Fuck em man. Honestly. Fuck em. Don’t even think about the losers running that shit, they are the epitome of everything wrong with this world you are not you don’t contribute to the destruction of society. You can still live a nice life you can be proud of, donate to an animal charity or something as stupid as it sounds I don’t know, just make your existence worthwhile because Merck can never ever take that away from you

They can continue being rotten fucks but you can continue to strive to be a good person and live a good life, however rough it’s gonna be we can still find some enjoyment in life somewhere I hope


Hey @synetic, that wasn’t a useless story, it gave me and everyone else here more insight into your life and how this drug has changed it. I’m sorry for what has happened to you and how this has corrupted the way you felt to somebody close to you. Anger is a very understandable emotion in this situation.


Yes, this is why I found this forum. We need to experiment with a variety of things and share experiences and symptoms. I think we should help current victims and prospective victims. The world needs to know how scary it is to destroy a hormone system for beauty purposes can be as many more unfortunate victims as we do. We must fight against the myth that fin is safe. So we need to make sure that there are no more foolish victims like me, and that they can make more serious judgments.It’s not hair that’s really important

I think this is a duty dictated by my humanity and dignity.

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Thank you, Tzinkman.

I understand the psychology of the past self and of those who take the fin. But that’s wrong. What really matters is not hair, but relationships, a lot of emotions and nostalgia. I realized this, but I can’t feel them anymore.In Korea, there are people who continue to climb onto the pin because they are afraid of the eyes of society even though there are terrible side effects. There are probably more of these people in the world. I hope they have the courage to make the right decision…and I hope they don’t lose the red thread of fate.

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I had a time that controlling emotions was real difficult, I think is because Prefontral cortex had been damaged. Emotions still not regulated.

Our central nervous system suffered biochemical damage. I agree with you. It was the trigger for me to realize that free will is imaginary.But I had no other choice. It was the only way I could turn away before my family and friends noticed.

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If this is true can this damage be reversed? I guess nobody really knows but would welcome any thoughts.

i have no emotions left

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I have had success trying to improve neurogenesis in brain and with carnivore diet.


Have you suffered from blunted emotions or no? If so did you get any benefits from that

Just remember who did this to you

I have managed to reverse it somehow, just investigate the studies that finasteride damage neurogenesis in the brain.