How do I cope with permanently destroying my life

How can I even begin to accept the complete destruction of my life over one stupid mistake. I had everything going for me, handsome, smart, funny, great friends and family. I just wanted to be proactive about hair loss, I thought “I’ll just try and see how I react to it, what’s the worse that could happen”. People throw away their lives for murder, not taking a pill; but here I am, 21 years old and facing a life sentence. I never got a chance to shine, and lost more than anybody could even imagine. My beauty, my personality, my hopes, desires. I wasn’t even really losing my hair, I had great hair, I just wanted to keep it. My family thinks I’m mentally ill, my friends don’t understand, doctors gaslight me, girls leave, everything in my life is pushing me towards suicide and I don’t really see any other option.


I’m so sorry, buddy. Just breathe and stay calm. You’ve lost a lot, but you aren’t alone. Your family and friends love you, and everyone here is available to help and commiserate.

Please just know you aren’t alone.

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The hardest part about PFS is finding professional help that actually understands what you’re going through. I finally talked to a doctor who’s seen 300 PFS patients over the years. He charged $300 for a 45 min video call (He’s in London). I’ve spent thousands on other doctors and tests who have zero experience with PFS. It’s most important to find experienced help! Look up Dr Pierre-Marc Bouloux in London and make a teledoc appointment!

Did this doctor in London give any advice , or was it a ride it out thing over time ?

I hear ya buddy …. This thing hit me at 32 , and I felt like I’d been robbed a bit too , so I know you must feel like crap, but life ain’t over . Trust me.

Key thing is - mental strength and power through the difficulties, easier said than done I know but you have to believe you will feel ‘better’ somehow, someday.
With regards to the family , girlfriend situations this will also help: if you think about it, when has anyone in the history of the world , ever, been impressed by someone who ‘gave up’?? The truth is never, no one is ever inspired or impressed by this.
However, everyone , universally can agree that we are deeply impressed and proud of people who fight on and never give in, no matter what their trial and tribulation is.Try and remember this on the tough days .

There’s guys on this forum that have gone on to run marathons, established relationships and had healthy physical intimacy return, built themselves at the gym , travelled, changed jobs, structured their lives, grown in self discipline etc
you tell PFS when it’s over not PFS telling you .

For what it’s worth after getting PFS : I’ve studied for a degree, changed careers and released an album and gigged regular on the live music scene.
It’s not been a walk in the park - I still have sleep difficulties , temperamental ED , tinnitus , heart palps and frequent urination which make life difficult but I think a lot of non PFS people have these anyway. I’ve had some real good years , so don’t give up just yet