How did you improve in the first year?


I am at the 3 month mark and I’m still struggling with tinnitus, wrinkles and sexual sides (ED, non contact erections, mental libido, numbness, wrinkled penis).

So I guess I’m officially part of the PFS club. It’s really taking a toll on my mental health, and even though I try my best, it’s hard not to think about suicide when I compare what my potential life will be versus what it could have been.

I heard some people say things can improve in the first 6-12 months, I was just curious what were the improvements you saw? I know it’s too early to throw the towel but damn I don’t feel like I’m strong enough for this.

Hope you guys are doing good

I am 10.5 months into this shit and i’ve not improved in any way. Idk who spread these lies about getting better a year after. If u are a mild or moderate case without any physical disability only then u may improve.

it suck man i’m 5.5 months after just 3mg of finasteride , no improvements yet (ed , low libido ,physical changes ) i have positive mind but this shit down me , i like to ask you what symptoms you have ?

Tinnitus, wrinkles in my face, partial ED, no mental libido (or non contact erections) and wrinkled penis. And depression and anxiety from all this shit.

I had insomnia and huge brainfog for a month now I’m fine.

All this from a single pill

I feel you , this week my face get better and looks more masculin(i noticed girls looks at me again) and i have soft spontaneous erection too and my ed not too bad now that give me hope and i believe we can get better

Keep updating …
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What do you mean?

I am 2 months in with the exact same symptoms as OP

What Improved:

  • Slightly better erections, def not pre-fin tho
  • Semen thick again
  • Mental Fog gone
  • Energy is back

What hasnt improved:

  • No visual libido (cant get hard from just looking)
  • No penile sensetivity
  • No morning wood
  • Erections take longer to get

Im staying hopeful as im slowly seeings sign of recovery but

when i read this type of thing i get really sad. I also took 3.5mg only and still dealing with sides.