How dangerous are E2 reductive foods?

Hi all!
I’ve suffered high E2-s and low free T-s after my tribulus terrestris crash. I want to reduce my estrogens naturally only, I will strictly avoid any supplements or drugs that are aromatise inhibitors.
So what I only have considering is to take some estrogen reducing natural foods and green tea with my keto diet, as listen in the link below.

QUESTION: do you have any bad experience with such nutritions? Are they any dangerous to our estrogen receptors? I want to collect your experiences before I overeat myself with these. Thx!

Dont mess whit estradiol

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As I wrote, I dont intend to. BUt the question is, are natural foods like broccoli harmful like anti-estrogen supplements or medicines?

I believe they help detoxify estrogens, not block the creation.

The downside is that they are anti thyroid.

Thanks @Vvs1 That sounds benefitial to me, since i have high e2 currently!

i’ll take these into my diet then and try 1-2 green tea each day.