How Can We Lower Adrenaline?


Any recommendations on how we can lower adrenaline either through food, supplements or drugs?

Due to not sleeping my body may not be producing enough cortisol and I am relying on adrenaline. This is affecting my sleep. I used to use Niacin to lower adrenaline at night so I could sleep but now it causes me to crash badly.

I don’t know if the Niacin affected methylation hence the bad reaction.

I am now trying to rebalance cortisol but stimulating the adrenals with adrenal cortex caused a horrible crash that left me feeling cold.




I just googled this as I’m interested too.

Exercise boosts both Cortisol AND Adrenaline, but apparently adrenaline wears off more quickly and cortisol more slowly. Is it possible that exercise could build up a supply of cortisol that would be left over once the adrenaline has been exhausted?



I found that on my days off I would find it harder to sleep on the second night and get insomnia. So cortisol sits in the body longer that adrenaline? When I added Niacin a few hours before bed I started to fall asleep within minutes. I found this to be more affective than B6. I’ve got adrenal fatigue so tend to produce more adrenaline to compensate for the cortisol.



Have you come across any issues with lithium and PFS?



The first thing that came up when I googled said that adrenaline was exhausted quicker.



You should start a new topic to talk about lithium. Or do a search for one. It’ll make these topics more useful if they stay on one topic.



Glycine helped with sleep early on. Now i notice my sleep suffers when I go to hard in the gym or what not. Might be worth a shot!



I have found that adrenaline is high when cortisol is too low. Things that I have found to have level that out… aka “fixing the wired/tired” feeling.
-Getting to bed around 10pm and waking when the sun rises.
-Low sugar diet
-Ashwaghanda before bed
-Increasing sea salt intake (a lot!)
-Incorporating stoicism
-Going on walks
-Being outside/in nature
-Taking a nap or siesta in the middle of the day
-Less electronics
-Using cortef to increase cortisol levels back to normal or top 1/4 of the range
-Smallish doses of T3 (I use 25-40mcg per day) (you may need cortef with this)
-Keeping estrogen down (when estrogen rises, my adrenaline rises)

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