How am I after a year with post finasteride syndrome? muscles and pain. ;(


I completely understand what you mean when you say your muscles feel like jelly. Mine do also. It’s the weirdest thing and such an uncomfortable feeling, especially after bodybuilding for so many years.

It’s the same thing here, I’m so curious to see what I’m like inside… make a cut and see what’s underneath my skin. The impression it gives is that the muscle tissue has been replaced by other tissue, I would guess that it has been replaced by some type of connective tissue: perhaps cartilage. IT’S VERY STRANGE, GOODBYE MUSCLE TONE. The most curious thing is that there are muscles of mine that have tone and other muscles have turned to jelly.

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Very well put. That’s exactly what it feels like. I find it so odd that my strength has been retained despite the fact that my muscles feel like “mush” at this point.

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exactly like me