Hourglass shrinkage


Most of the time when I urinate my penis gets thinner in the middle, sometimes less and sometimes more. Whenever the penis is in a more erect state during urination the thinning is more distinct.
It also could happen during spontanous erections or during sexual activity.

Its never constantly there, just sometimes and during certain moments…

Also appears to me that this is not a hormonal issue as my blood tests are pretty much fine but as if the prostate is altered in size, position or behaviour.

My protocol that helped me recover many side effects have been the following:
daily exercise, anaerobic exercise and HIIT, supplements and vitamins, good sleep, minimal stress. I can barely stress anyway, not depressed but just take everything very lightly.
While it some days seem to have resolved it is still there

My main question is did anyone fully recover from this condition? others with similar experience?


My god… my god… i thought mine were just a normal hourglass shrinkage without any relations to Accutane! im devastated to find this by accident :frowning: :frowning:
But… i only realized this problem after 6 months when i first took Accutane. Is it possible? Is it possible to develop this after 6 months?

PS: Then it gone away for 2-3 years and it came back this winter. Especially after ( not sure?) my supplement cycles… When i go to pee it shrinks from the middle, when i erect, it’s gone… What is this? Is it hormonal? Is it about the nerves or prostate??? Please i need some information!


Anyone have opinions about hourglass when flaccid? Is it because of low androgens??


Could be low androgens, or even low E2, high prolactin… tests are needed.

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I did tests, everything was “normal”. I just hope this hourglass is unrelated to Accutane damage. Maybe tense pelvic muscles due to hemorroids or something?


definitly related tbh. DHT is involved in penis structure. When it gets fucked, ur penis can get fucked too.

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Can you post some studies please? Just to be sure. I just found one: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/12647000/ holy shit.