Hey friends,
i have started a diet 2 days ago.
i have a protein shake which includes honey.
simple honey .
does honey cause brainfog?

how much honey? what else (and in what quantities) is in the protein shake? honey is generally well tolerated, though the kinds of proteins and your body’s ability to digest both the protein and whatever else is in the shake could be potentially suspect. A lot of things could be going on here. In college (on fin, not yet post-fin), I made a lot of smoothies with my roommate. Sometimes, I would crash afterwards, so I got tested for diabetes. No diabetes. Still have no idea. Easy way to find out is to go buy some honey.

okay honey causes brainfog for me. So no honey for me .
no the protein shake is quiet healthy.
it contrains : milk 350ml , 80 g of oat flakes, 1 banana, and sweetener.
when i eat this i dont get any brainfog. this breakfast makes me strong and i am beyond of brainfog.
but i have enough stress so whatever, brainfog still a problem after 2 years almost off :frowning: but it became better !

I actually feel somewhat better for a bit mentally after having a Mountain Dew, which has a shitload of sugar in it. Go figure. Although if I have 2 it can have the opposite effect.

so i guess you are no human .
maybe you are an alien


the whole forum is writing that we should avoid sugar,cause if worsen brainfog.
we should avoid fast food / junk food , eliminate suger out of our diets.
and somehow you feel to write you feel better with Mountain Dew?!

Maybe it’s the caffeine? I don’t know.

what does that mean?

Maybe it is the caffeine in the Mountain Dew that makes the brain fog ever so slightly better. But I do not know for sure.

you have the fool’s license. you are talking absoloutly bullshit.

I was just posting my experience, but thanks for being an asshole.

this is absoloutly incredible!
can anybody ban this goofy?!
what an ignorant and “good minded” fish you are.
you ware wasting my time… i have to go now.
told ya , fools license.

What a classic thread, thanks guys.

D… with an attitude like that it sounds like you are the one who should be banned. Cap was simply stating his experience. Give me a break.

Caffeine and dopamine D2 receptors…

Caffeine regulates neuronal expression of the dopamine 2 receptor gene.
Stonehouse AH, Adachi M, Walcott EC, Jones FS.
The Neurosciences Institute, 10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive, San Diego, CA 92121, USA. stonehouse@nsi.edu

The psychoactive drug caffeine influences neuronal physiology; however, it is unknown whether it can dynamically alter the expression of genes that influence neurotransmission. Here, we report that caffeine stimulates transcription of the dopamine 2 receptor (D2R) gene in PC-12 cells and primary striatal cultures and increases D2R protein expression in the striatum. Physiological doses of caffeine and the specific adenosine 2A receptor antagonist 8-(3-chlorostyryl) caffeine both increased the activity of a D2R/luciferase reporter construct within 24 h, and simultaneous treatment with 2-[p-(2-carboxyethyl)phenethylamino]-5’-N-ethylcarboxamidoadenosine (CGS 21680), a specific adenosine 2A receptor agonist, eliminated this effect. Tests of additional constructs revealed that specific regions of the D2R promoter (-117/-75) and 5’-untranslated region (+22/+317) were required for activation of D2R gene expression by caffeine. In primary striatal cultures, caffeine increased spontaneous firing of neurons between 12 and 80 min after treatment, whereas it increased D2R mRNA expression after only 4 h. These results indicate that regulation of D2R gene expression by caffeine occurs after the initial physiological response has subsided. In vivo, female mice treated with a dose of caffeine (50 mg/kg) showed 1.94- and 2.07-fold increases in D2R mRNA and protein expression, respectively. In contrast, male mice exhibited a 31% decrease in D2R mRNA expression and showed no changes in D2R protein expression. Collectively, these results demonstrate for the first time that caffeine alters D2R expression in neurons. They also suggest that caffeine consumption can lead to sexually dimorphic patterns of gene expression in the brain.

same here. not a coincidence. If I eat sugar, I wake up in the other day feeling like shit. Brain fog at the sky…