Honestly guys.. We are already dead. Long time ago

We try to fight and other shits… But the truth is. We are all died. This shit one time will kill our body. But our souls and our minds are dead long time ago. We are the army of the living deads


I agree, and idk for what are we (severe ones) even fighting for, maybe for the mild and functional ones it’s still a fight, but for the severe ones the fight has been over long ago.

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@bsvc Okay and what do you suggest? Instead of complaining all the time.

Live. If your belive you live. Lie to yourself

What did you try to get better so far?

I tried to drink a beer. What you think???

What do u want us to do? Chokeup on cdnut’s herbs? Hillsprints like chi? I would’ve done that if i didn’t have pfs.

I just wish I knew what “Post Finasteride Syndrome” really was when I decided to restart fin. I had no idea what I was risking. I’d been off it for two years, thought my body forgot all about it and it would be like before. I had ED meds so wasn’t too worried about ED. Now I need a fucking brain transplant so I can get a single peaceful moment to myself…anyone know a good brain transplant doctor.

You can do whatever you want but I will fight even when the chances to get better are 0.0001%


Drink a beer mate. And imagine you drunk… Oh i almost forget. We cant be drunk anymore. Nevermind. Drink a beer. We are already dead

So you guys are crying but haven’t done any serious regimens to try and recover? Come on now…

Although I understand them but some people just love self-pity instead of taking action…

Give us pay attention when you are will be cured. Try everything man… I have a totally paralysed friend… Tried everything… He cant move. But he tried everything. Do you understand the connection???

I feel your pain brother, I quit my job because I had cognitive problems thx to PFS. But still can’t give up without a fight.

Have you done hormone regimens? TRT, proviron, HCG,…? Serious things, not talking about CDnuts his herb protocol

Guys like u must seriously get banned

So I need to get banned because I have a different opinion than participating in your self pity party?

You still didn’t answer my question; what have you done to get better?

I drinked beers. I told you.

Are you serious? Getting drunk is the only thing you did to try and recover?

No i don’t suffer from Hypogonadism so i don’t think i need TRT, i have tried proviron with not much effects, i have tried exercising which made my condition even worse…

Try choking up on food everyday and walking without losing ur balance, then we will talk.

It’s been pretty well hashed out that none of that works for PFS. There’s two types of cases…those that need time to resolve and those that need a time machine. If you’re lucky you have a time one…I did then I turned it into a time machine one.

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