Holy Shit! I want to get out of bed in the morning again!

Being a privatier a had much time a day. But I was used to stand up at 9 am.

Now with pfs I m used to hanging in bed until Midday, lacking motivation for stand up, no fun for the new day fatigue.

I’m mental disconnected from every reality.
I have lobotomy. I sit in a chair starring against the wall. My legs a red from venous blood. I have to walk and visit the gym. But I sit in my chair totally disconnected from all. This forum is my last connection to the world outside over the week.

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Have you considered trying bupropion?

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Dear @orthogs I use 300 mg Bupoprion / Elontril -

  1. I have had an errection flash just for one day with my old boner looking out of the trouthers, while having dirty phantasies and skyhigh libido.

  2. Than aggressive thoughts…

  3. And than my brain was racing one day

  4. Lurking what Bupoprion reaction comes next in my weird Post Finasterid live.

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where did you source these tablets, i cant seem to get them in the UK?

There are other brand names as Wellbutrin.

I cangt get them on prescrption need to source them online somewhere

I have got it prescribed from my “Irrenarzt” mental health doctor and bought it in a legal pharmacy.

How long have you been on the Bupropion for?

Today is my 13th day of being on 130 MG’s. The 11th and 12th day I started feeling an unnatural and abnormal level of anxiety and lol I was just saying the other day in my Bupropion thread “who cares about anxiety”. Well I’m eating my words now because those two days I was definitely rethinking my trial and wondering how long I could tolerate that for because it was not fun. In fact I have never felt actually anxiety until that… also yesterday I had very severe constipation with a very painful bowel movement suggesting my serotonin is low as I’m not on the serotonin supplements as to have a clean bupropion trial. This is now like the 6th time that after coming off the serotonin supplements at the 2 week mark off of them the constipation returns with a vengeance. It also may suggest that too much dopamine with too little serotonin can cause constipation. I read that dopamine makes body hold onto waste and serotonin makes body get rid of it. And obviously my dopamine in my brain is starting to build up on the bupropion.

But today on the 13th day all of that anxiety was not felt so that’s good news. I’m thinking that it takes about two weeks for the drug to really start taking its effect and the 11th and 12th days were just “adjustment days”.

Today I drank a gallon of water and an entire bottle of stool softener and had another bowel movement that was not as painful but still very constipationish. So I’m going to roll with the punches with the constipation and try to alleviate it through unconventional means so I can have a clean bupropion trial as long as possible without adding in the serotonin supplements while on the bupropion. If I have to add in the serotonin supplements to fix the constipation while on the bupropion I will but as a last case resort.

As for the anxiety on day 11 and 12 if that comes back on that level moving forward and sticks around for a few days I’ll have to terminate the trial as to not risk messing my self up. But so far all round it’s going pretty good and I don’t currently plan on ending the trial before the 5-6 week mark. The drug is clearly starting to have its effect and is clearly very powerful and I want to stay on it to give it a chance to work it’s magic and hopefully fix the sexual sides. Lastly on a positive note today I felt sharp, focused and more aggressive then usual which I view as all good things. Still too early to comment on what it’s doing if anything for the sexual sides. On the 12th day in the middle of that anxiety day I felt a minor positive upswing in orgasm but also a noticeable reduction in semen quality and quantity. Note that I came off the herb rotation for this trial as well which two weeks later is probable the reason for the reduction in semen quality and quantity. Still too early to know and I hope that if it’s an issue with dopamine and norepinephrine that the bupropion gets those receptors working again. I want to beat this so fucking bad.

Hey @5-alpha-victim now it has become a long text about Bupoprion, but about my whole pfs drahma and a reflection about your story.

Sometimes you look for someone in the same shit to talk. So I hope, it is Ok for you!

yoz said “The drug is clearly starting to have its effect and is clearly very powerful and I want to stay on it”

My initial question from the heart: How did you dear @5-alpha-victim arrange with your new situation over the years?

Did Bupoprion really help to take away the sadness from your daily live?

For me, I have to much different effects. Some hopefull, some strange! But I go on with 300 mg dose

One strange effect is that it makes me fatalistic. I have no more will to get out of the bed and I sit in the chair the whole day, that might be dangerous!!

The alternatives are the SSRIs or other dangerous drugs. A double damage and a state like jrums or anhedonic ape would be fatal.

I have just red your story again. I think you are 36 now starting the side effects 10 years ago with the age of 26 and initially fucked up by a at least criminal doctor.

The criminal doctor and than all the things you used and damaged your health, without knowing saw palmetto and its side effects. Same as mine.

A urologist gave me a medication. I said I have a sexual active girlfriend. Ok than not he answered. And than I give at with you, you can try it if you want. It was a finasterid generica and so I didn’t check the horribly siteeffects in the internet. Having stress with her I started this Feb and had my chrash while sex with her on easter in panic get off the drug ED!!

Why I did that?! Why I take a Prostate drug having relationship stress?!

Doctor died on Covid, otherwise I had tried to k…l this animal! My girlfriend went to a horrorfaced old fart, related to a friend of mine, she didn’t cares about me and tells me about her new multiple sex affairs with young man and old horrorface, who cares her like a father.

So I lost my pride and was sure 59 good years enough. I organized everything for the mother if my child and want to commit suicude.

In this situation I decided to live on for my little daughter an started Bupoprion.

The sexuall flash with the boner like before was only for a few days. Now Im weaker than before Bupoprion again.

The last days my brain was racing. I come out of the bed as worse as ever. The last days I hang up like lobotomized.

But the totally fatigue is gone.

What is the effect of Bupoprion???
I cannot say, to much different effects.
From aggressive thoughts, to sexual one day flash, to racing brain, constipation, eating flashes, hanging up lobotomized, without any connection to real live. I seem to have a massiv damage in my brain from Fin.

I write you a correct Bupoprion protocol, when I feel better and organized again in my brain. Brain is not coherent on Bupoprion.

Hope to hear from you again!

@ exsexgod

It’s too early for me to know for sure if I will be staying on the bupropion. Today is only my 14th day being on it. I had severe constipation on the 12th day but can’t really blame this on the bupropion because I clearly had just as bad constipation before the bupropion. Increasing serotonin practically temporarily cures my constipation until I come off the serotonin supplements. I would never go on a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor though. I just increase natural production of serotonin in the gut from the serotonin supplements.

Two of the last 14 days while on bupropion my sleep was bad but those two nights still got 2 hrs of sleep. The other nights I’m getting six hrs straight sleep with two additional light in and out sleep hours which is good for me and consistent with pre bupropion

Two of the days I had bad anxiety which would have been a deal breaker but it went away. I consistently get on and off minor headaches from the bupropion so far

So far I’m seeing some minor indications that it’s helping with the sexual sides but so far not on a level significant enough to stay on it past 5-6 weeks .

How long have you been it for ? If it’s not helping and making you worse why not taper off slowly and get off the drug . I mean why torture yourself unnecessarily? Deff taper off slowly though if you come off and expect a rough ride for a little while but you should go back to baseline after tapering off slowly

How I get buy? Hope . I’m now 37 and going on my 11th year of this trash . I took dutasteride at 22 for prostate enlargement but saw P did me in.

As of the way things stand I will stay on for longer and give the drug a chance . If it’s dopamine and norepinephrine causing the sexual sides I can’t expect the drug to fix it in two weeks after having this issue for almost 11 years.

Bupropion is what gave me PSSD, I’m quite sure

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Dear @gomesemog on the one hand it has nothing to do with Serotonin, on the other hand it manipulates therefore the Dopamine pathways in the brain.

Maybe there is a analogy called psdri by Bupoprion.

I got totally weierd over 300 mg Bupoprion. Im disconnected, totally out off control, apathic, than aggressive, than suicidal, than relaxed, than brain racing, than boner and sex phantasies, than weak cock…

It’s a hardcore trip!!

Ohh shit…

First time I’m hearing anything about someone getting post selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor syndrome from bupropion

I figure that 11 years in with the sexual sides from Saw P and Dut I’m screwed so might as well try. I don’t see how the sexual sides can get worse. Nothing to lose at this point.

Bupropion is an interesting experience so far for me. I’m on day 16. On day 11 and 12 I felt some pretty intense random anxiety. On day 13 it went away. On day 14 and 15 I felt a sedated almost kinda good feeling. So clearly my brain is going through different stages as it try’s to figure out how to adjust to the drug . Toward the end of the day I can also feel the drug wearing off.

What was your experience with it ?

This could be the drug getting you towards equilibrium. I mean if you are getting periods of time where you are seeing benefits in sexual sides . It makes sense seeing how screwed up and imbalanced we are that getting back to normal may take a roller costar ride. How long have you been on it ? I mean at the end of the day it’s either helping the sexual sides or it’s not so need to pick a time to call the trial if it’s not helping the sexual sides. Everything else is just kinda “moot”

I’ll give it 5 weeks

I told the incredible ups and downs of my bupoprion experience. The day with the huge erection I thought my sexuall problems are solved, but only for two days.

But this time I have so huge problems with Reorganisation of my live, that after all no medicine can help me.
This relationship to my stunning girlfriend and my entire plan for the future was chemical killed. No I look for friends, social interaction, no one who helps me through.

If I get more desorganized, I’ll enter a psychiatric unit but without SSRI Medication as hell. I need help than to start a complete new life plan.
Because every medication masks the symptoms but doesn’t solve the problems.

That’s my question to you. Is your live in a stabile state? So that you can really improve from bupoprion? If yes I would give it a chance.

I mean I’m clearly not struggling mentally to the degree that you are. But I think it’s important to understand that I never went on bupropion because I’m struggling mentally . I went on it to see if the increase in dopamine and norepinephrine would cure or at least help the sexual sides ….

My experience thus far on bupropion seeing how my 11th and 12th day I experienced weird random anxiety for no reason like something is wrong like i’m dealing with a problem or something even though there is nothing wrong and then on my 13th day it goes away then on my 14th and 15th day feeling sedated I don’t see how that’s health having random mental state fluctuations like that….

So my opinion if bupropion is making anything like that happen to you why stay in it ? I mean if you are taking it to feel better emotionally and mentally and it’s making you feel bad emotionally and mentally I just don’t get why a doctor would tell you to stay on it . That’s why I’m curious to know how long you have been on it. Just my opinion but I’m no expert ,

I’m simply Just trialing it to see if it will help the sexual sides and I’m willing to put up with some random unnecessary mental state changes while I do it , it’s not a major problem for me , I Just roll with the minor annoyance punches and the last two days it’s been making me feel “good” but good in an unnecessary way

The good news thus far is that the drug influences my brain chemistry and that’s why I’m taking it to see if a change in brain chemistry will fix the sexual sides

But I am curious how long you have been on it for

Have you taken anything else? How can you be sure it was the Bupropion?

I’m so extremely demotivated and tired since I have got my second Pfizer Biotech Covid Vaccine. It’s one and a half week ago.
Than I lost an on / off relationship and my entire motivation to do anything. I’m not able to look for a new relationship, I’m not able to recruit new friends in this case.
I’ve developed a major Depression.I feel weaker and weaker day by day.
And I can’t stop this downward spiral.

i can’t be sure. but the point is that there is absolutely no safe med