Hobbies/Activities to help cope!

Hi all,

Being only 4 months into all this I find it very difficult to find any peace from this condition. I don’t think I go 5 minutes without thinking about this devastation.

I wanted to create a thread of things people find that helps them cope! Whether that be something they have always done or a new hobby or pass time they have picked up since pfs.

Of course hobbies can be extremely beneficial and engaging for one person and not for the next.
But if any others out there have a pass time that helps them please share as it may help others like me.

I’d really like to engage in something that helps distract my mind. Im tired of this wired feeling I have going on.



This is a great idea.

One thing I’ve gotten really into after PFS is growing things. I’m lucky that I live in a subtropical climate which has pretty nice weather year round, and I find growing vegetables and other plants really therapeutic. It can be done by yourself, it’s not stressful (unless you get an infestation or animal problems etc), and you get to eat the end result. I spend a good amount of time in a small veggie patch out the back and it’s a good way to pass the time.

Gaming is also a good way to pass the time. I think RTS games (I play a lot of AoE2) are good because you’re forced to bury yourself in them and not think about anything else.

I don’t enjoy any of these things the way I used to before PFS, but they are a welcome distraction. I used to be very physically active and I really miss the feeling of playing team sport, or working out with friends, but such is life for now.


Totally agree with Sugarhouse’s suggestions above.

I’ve also been growing plants an acquiring new ones for my place. I feel a genuine sense of pride for the few ones that are really doing great and growing bigger and bigger.

Videogames have been fantastic for me too. I agree with Sugarhouse that apm-heavy games are certainly great ways to challenge and occupy yourself 110%. I’ve kind of lost interest in competitive/repetitive play over the years myself though and I generally prefer getting completely immersed in explorable worlds and stories so I gravitate more towards RPGs, (action) adventure games, metroidvanias, that sort of thing. Sometimes I like puzzle games to challenge myself mentally.

My recommendations:

  • Pets. I got a cat from a shelter last year. Best decision I’ve ever made. It’s less hassle than raising a young kitten and it’s been great and has helped a lot with overall loneliness. The responsibilities keep you sharp and busy.

  • Music. Doing anything music-related is such a good way to channel emotions, especially if you learn to play an instrument or sing or dance or whatever. When you’re learning that kind of thing from scratch you bet that you are using every ounce of your concentration focusing on your body posture and technique and music theory and everything that you will not even have a chance to think about anything related to this condition. It’s a great feeling when I notice I’m improving my skill in anything after many attempts.

  • Basically any project. Even if you’re not a creative person, it gives you a goal, challenges to overcome, things to figure out. It gives meaning to your time and efforts and at the end you’ll have some kind of achievement or at the very least just experience.


Like you, @Devon, I’m only about 5 months in. And have struggled to find distractions. In the weeks of my crash especially, TV & movies didn’t cut it like they used to.

But I agree with @Sugarhouse! Not so much a green thumb (though I grew pot once in college). But I’m a gamer and love AoE. I’ve been wanting to get the new one. I’ve also been a Warzone addict since the onset of the pandemic. Happy to game with anyone here just message me. Mostly on ps4. Was thinking of starting a gaming thread if others are into this.

And @Wintermoon had some great suggestions too. I’ve always enjoyed playing guitar and have toyed around with music production as a hobby from time to time. But with work/life had kinda stopped. When PFS hit I went back to it and it’s been a great distraction and hobby. Even started teaching myself piano.

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Hi @Devon, gaming has been a large form of escapism for me.
I can’t focus on anything intense but co-op games have definitely been a major distraction.

Even if I’m not in the mood it takes me out of the reality I’m in.
There’s a sense of comradery with co-op games as you’re not trying to be the best or win, you’re simply trying to help your team as best you can.

Music is another thing that transports me elsewhere, for better or worse music has a lot of emotional connections, it can bring back happier memories and sad ones for that matter, but overall music is certainly something I enjoy.

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Thanks guys

Some really great ideas.

@Wintermoon I agree with your idea of having a project to work on. Pre-pfs I use to upcycle furniture as a side hustle sorta hobby. I really enjoyed it but I haven’t really been able to get back into it since. I think given more time I’ll be able to pick it up again, it’s just lacking the motivation when you feel low.

@Sugarhouse growing plants seems like a cool idea. However I don’t have as good of a climate as you here in the UK. Since pfs I’ve been eating a more whole foods healthier diet, so I have acquired a lot of various seeds, would be cool to see if they could grow.

Music is another great idea and I’ve always loved listening and singing, but I’ve never really played an instrument. I have a guitar of my dads that was left to me. I’ve tried a few times to learn but find it difficult, I guess patience is key.

Music can also be a trigger for me. So I’ve kind of altered what I listen to now. That sense of euphoria is no longer there, plus a lot of the time people relate music to memories and this can make me feel down, because I no longer feel like I did in the memory. That and I think all modern music is about sex and relationships it’s just hard to escape it. Tv/film is a lot like it too. Back when I first realised PFS I was so depressed I resulted to watching kids films like finding nemo just to have some form of escapism.

One thing I have been able to use as a form of escapism is watching documentaries. Now some can be pretty boring. But there’s some amazing ones out there on many of the subscription services and tv/YouTube. I find that this form of entertainment doesn’t have many triggers to our conditions to which I then am able to relax more whilst watching them.


I’ve heard people benefitting from pets. Growing plants also seem therapeutic. If it’s plants you can eat, that’s an added bonus!

@Sugarhouse – I’m also an AoE2-head! It’s a classic.

I play the piano, so trying to get a handle on a difficult piece (or just improvising thoughtlessly) is one way to distract myself.

I also seek out live concerts when I can. Big speaker systems kind of force you to get immersed.

Outdoor sports could be great if you’re able to exercise. Climbing is a great combination of strength, coordination, and cognition (all things that we lack).



what really helps me cope is doing some basic calisthenics every other day. Afterwards I take a cold shower and feel a little better. Also I do the Wimhof Breathing Method in the mornings.

I like to prepare my own food, it’s the best part of the day to cook sth in the evenings. I enjoy eating food from other cultures, especially Asian food like Japanese ramen.

Another great thing is playing games online with a friend who also has PFS, we play Pubg New State, so if anyone wants to add me there, message me.

I sometimes pick up the guitar and play songs to process what I’m going through, allthough I only can play basic chords, cause my coordination is worsened. @Devon, if you want to start playing there is a great free online guitar school, which is called justin guitar.

Besides I started informing myself about Crypto currencies, how it’s working, the benefits and some Projects and watched Crypto YT channels.


Like @sugarhouse, and @Wintermoon, I’m also a (terrible in my case) amateur gardener. Being in the Northern hemisphere (vs @Sugarhouse’s southern), I’m starting to think about planting some easy to grow plants in pots as spring arrives.

Anyone reading, a bag of soil, some pots and some seeds and a bit of dedication and patience are all you need. Some things are easier to grow than others, but if you’re just wanting to try something out, a tomato plant and some flower seeds are a good start. I get a real kick out of it. Just don’t forget to water regularly. There are loads of tips and youtube videos out there.

I am currently planning to learn piano when I get a bit of time. A ten minute a day sort of thing. I tried when I was at school but I’m ready to give it a bit more practice this time around.

Starting to get back into the gym too. Post pandemic, I’m the most unfit I’ve ever been, but I’m giving it a go.

I think a good idea might be to do things that require little and often participation, rather than things that require you to dedicate hours to every time you do it.

If it’s too hard you might not stick to it. Make it as easy as possible to make a success of.

Set easy goals, work out how to cook something you normally buy frozen or order in perhaps. We made pizza recently for the first time. We used pre made dough so it really wasn’t that tough, but even so, we got a sense of achievement out of it. Next time we are going to make our own dough. Not exactly tough cooking, but a small achievement that most people could manage.


Thanks for the guitar tip I’ll take a look at that sight!

This thread is so wholesome. You guys are great. Growing crops is a great idea and so is gaming. I do the latter a fair bit but like others here, my interest in gaming, much like other hobbies, has waned after pfs. I used to be an avid guitar player but unfortunately music has lost a lot of its magic since pfs, and as a result I’ve lost a significant amount of interest in playing.

Sometimes though, in the morning after a nice cup of coffee, I get the urge and can jam out and enjoy myself and relax a bit.

The only other useful hobby I have is working out and playing tennis. It’s nice to get lost in something like exercise, it’s similar to gaming in that sometimes you get lost in it and forget about problems for awhile.


Me too, played guitar for 44 years. Used to walk around my condo playing just because it felt good. All ended Nov 2021. Fingertip callouses gone, along with sufficient padding to press down on strings.
Can’t even listen to music now.