Hit my head - stopped sleeping - Mr Glass


I’m 2 & 1/2 months into a crash. A few nights ago I accidentally bumped my forehead on the sink. I got a small bump that’s taken about 2 days to clear up. I had head pressure headaches the next day and muscle twitches continue (possibly low GABA). My digestion has also been badly affected.


Well there goes the bang your head really hard to reset your brain and heal theory


Mate everyone knows you need to CYCLE banging your head to see results! Bang it on a pillow first then build up to trees, rocks and small aircraft etc.

(I’m sorry OP I’m in “one of those moods” today. Has it gotten any better for you since though?)


Thanks for the joke guys :slight_smile: needed a lift, head pressure has improved, ears ringing a little today, hopefully it doesn’t get any worse.


It worked for this blind woman getting her vision back lol

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Since hitting my head I’ve started getting muscle twitches again. These have progressively gotten worse were I can’t even keep count the number of twitches I get per day. I’ve tried sleeping with my upper body raised but I couldn’t sleep. If I try to sleep lying down the twitches can become quite violent. About 10 days after the incident I crashed despite not making changes to my lifestyle. The crash has raised my cortisol making sleep even harder now. I have bad reactions to medication so hopefully this situation works itself out naturally as it has in the past. Anyway those of you with neurological symptoms it goes without saying take care at all times and be careful not to hit your head and careful weigh up physical activities that pose a risk to your health.

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I still have twitches when I sleep 1 year post crash. The neurological symptoms are the worst :frowning:


Thanks @Mcbbould how bad were they? Did you only get them whilst sleeping? Mine occur through the day now and are more frequent since my accident.


Just when laying down to sleep. It’s the least of my worries. My vision and perception are extremely messed up. Also I have sinus pressure all the time in addition to a strange feeling in my heads. Like I’m always “on” and can never relax. Like an engine without oil.


Yes if they only occur before sleep that’s ok. I know that feeling of always being on. I get the same issues.

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Yeah man the worst is when I step outside. Since my vision is painful and weird it feels like I’m in snow globe literally. Like I’m underwater and my processing speed is extremely slow. I look around and everything looks distant


Thats dam awful, these are all neurological conditions. Hopefully in time the brain will recover, traumatic brain injuries can take months to years.

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It’s been a year for me so I’m thinking my chances of recovery are pretty slim. I hear most brain recoveries happen in the first 6 months


No I heard its about 2 years then recovery slows down. Also the brain is capable of repair years later. Don’t give up hope. If you have improved then which you have then stay positive. The trick is to take care of yourself and don’t do anything risky that will worsen symptoms.


Thanks man that gives me some hope. It’s just too much of a fundamental change for me to believe it will actually get better. I’m not even sure I would know how to handle it lol. I’d be like super human

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The brain is the most powerful thing on the planet. I believe if you give it the tools to heal, you will make gains over time if your patient and consistent. I keep saying… brain food, listen to music that stimulates the brain. Bach for instance has been shown to increase childrens IQ due to how the musical intervals stimulate the brain. Meditation ™. Yoga to increase blood flow to the brain. Excercise such as cardio has shown benefits for neuro genesis. Even stroke victims have shown over time that the brain learns to re-route blood to areas of the brain that were cut off from blood supply. So dont give up. Keep fighting and I’m sure things will get better.


I hate meditation because after pfs I’ve been completely chill. I used to have racing thoughts etc - now I can stare blankly into space for hours. It’s like im stuck in a permanent meditative state. I do exercise and do yoga a lot, so that’s good. I also want to try Ritalin again as a dopamine helper.


I notice a pretty big shift in my brain when I do transcendental meditation. Its like a wave washes over my brain and I have like weird dreams where my brain takes over. When I’m done, many times my head pressure is improved and my eyes bother me less. I definitely thing that for me, its doing something substantial. You really have to understand and practice the mantra properly otherwise your just trying to take a nap, which is not what is supposed to be happening.

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Okay I will google how to do it properly and report back. Do you have any beginners guides or things that can walk me through the process?


Transcendental Meditation is all about reciting a mantra. Mantras are always misunderstood as being like something like a positive phrase. What the mantra is REALLY supposed to be is just a series of sounds that you recite over and over which basically stops your brain from thinking actively. TM gurus always make you swear you wont talk about your mantra because that the big “secret”. My mantra is “Gooze Venahh” . It means nothing… and when I say it over and over and really focus on the syllabols… my brain sort of gets bored and goes into a weird dream like trance. Sometimes I end up seeing weird dreams that are in fast forward. I believe this is what they mean by transcending your conscious thought. Basically you have bored your brain with your awake state and your brain sort of takes over and processes a bunch of stuff on its own… unconsciously. It really does take practice. It took me about 5 or 6 times to finally get a taste of this dream state. Now I can achieve it 3 out of 4 times. So you do get better at it. As you get better… you are able to achieve the state faster. My first time it took me almost 20 minutes to get maybe 10 seconds of that dream state. Now I would say it takes me about 15 minutes to get 3-5 minutes of that dream like state. Anyway… make up a some words that mean nothing and say them over and over. The original “mantras” were derived from sanscrit. These sanscrit words had religious / healing meanings but were obviously in a language you woulndt understand… so they have no meaning. If you go to see a guru… they know what the sanscrit words actually mean and assign you a word that fits your life and the issues that you face. Make sense? So with TM… your suppsoed to do 20 minutes twice a day. Once in the morning… once at night. I only get once a day in. I listen to an app called insight timer that has some background droning, music, waves crashing…whatever… with noise canceling headphones. It works pretty well. Good luck… let me know if you make any progress. It takes consistency and effort. Just make it a habit and know that it is healing you little by little.