High prolaktin from fin

Dose anyone got high prolaktin from fin and knows why it is like that and what to do ?

I think the underlying cause is lack of AR activation in the pituitary gland.

How to fix it? Well Caber is one option, it’s a dopamin agonist. But it’s not addressing the underlying issue…

Yes cabergolin lowers prolaktin but i dont understand why its so high ? What has the ar aktivation to do with the prolaktin level ? Can you please explane it to me ?
Do you know how to reapir the ar ?

Sadly I can’t explain it in depth as I just have a shallow grasp of the concept.

But as discussed in the article I posted, AR activation in the pituitary gland suppresses prolactin secretion in male.

If it’s through dopamine - prolactin pathway or another pathway is up for debate.

This is a followup article from the same author where they dwell deeper into it.

“In one study, DHT has previously been shown to reverse the stimulatory effect of estradiol on PRL mRNA levels in rats. It is yet to be determined whether this repression is directly through androgen receptor binding to the prolactin promoter or through an indirect mechanism.”

Note that this is rat studies, we don’t know 100% if it translates to humans but it
seems likely as high prolactin is a common problem post 5ARI.

Ok i dont think that androges the problem im on trt my esrtadiol is normal about 30pg/ml and my testosteron is about 13,6 ng/ml so a bit over the normal range and my prolaktin rises with the higher androgen level also