High prolactin. Should I use P5P?

I got my blood tested and it turns out that my prolactin is 60ng/mL which is 4 times the upper limit for a man. I’ve heard that some people have had success with P5P (active vitamin B6) which is a natural prolactin inhibitor, I bought some P5P tablets but I’m kind of scared to take them in case I make things worse.

Are there any risks involved with P5P?

What does your doctor say about your prolactin level?

He said they were a bit high (60ng/mL, or 40ng/mL without macroprolactin) and believes they are the primary cause of my sexual problems. He has referred me to an endo next week.

I’d definitely wait until next week then.


Yes, would be better to wait and see endo. If your main issue is high Prolactin that would be a good news as it’s not hard to get it in range with a proper treatment. I used to have high Prolactin and was prescribed Cabergoline by endo. I don’t advise taking it on your own though. It’s a powerful drug. Whatever protocol you do just be very careful and check your Prolactin during the treatment as having it dropped too low can make things worse.


Thanks for the advice man, I’m hoping my symptoms will at least die down somewhat once my prolactin levels are normalised (I’m quite a mild case anyhow luckily). Have you seen any improvements in your condition since taking cabergoline?

What happened when you took caber? Any improvements?

@Northumbrian @Cooper
Cabergoline made me feel like i was fully recovered for a week. I got my prolactin in range just in 2 weeks after first dose. Penile sensitivity got completely restored, I got high libido and spontaneous erections during the day, also masturbation was pleasurable again and orgasm strong. Just was feeling like I had gotten back to life. Unfortunately it lasted for only a week and suddenly all PFS symptoms hit again. It’s been 8 months since then and feels like things getting worse and worse. I had a 2 weeks window from antibiotic and was feeling really good. A week after discontinuation the effect subsided. Again zero libido and no sexual attraction at all, watching porn is like watching news. Prostate and pelvic pain almost all the time, shrinkage, no sensitivity - i put a piece of ice from the freezer on my penis and feel absolutely nothing, touching it is like touching my elbow, no any pleasure from masturbation, and weak orgasm.
If we only knew how to fix this…


my prolactin went from 35 to 4 in a few weeks and I didnt do anything

I’ve had borderline low prolactin and experience all the symptoms @Famajor describes. I wonder if there’s another mechanism by which prolactin recovered you for those few weeks

I think I’ll give it a go if my endo prescribes it. If so, I hope to God it works for me because I’m getting desparate now, it has been a month and I’m no better, I’m very struggling to live like this. I feel like a fundamental part of life has been extinguished.

Makes sense. Low prolactin is not good either and causes the same problems. I had mine exactly borderline low and felt worse than when it was above the range. Prolactin is a beast hormone and causes serious sexual problems. Would be good if you can have it checked regularly.

Any news on the high prolactin bit? Has your doctor prescribed you anything yet and have you tried anything to reduce it?

Dont try to push down prolactin artifially, is a secondary effect from other chains of events. It only created me problems, uf you correct the “right thing” prolactin will get down for sure.


I have undergone more extensive blood tests and am still awaiting the results, I will post an update once I get them.
I haven’t tried anything to reduce my levels as of now as I’d be worried about bringing my prolactin too low (which can be just as bad as high prolactin).

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Just dont do it, i had high above range also, its a secondary effects, probably because to much estrogen action. You can just feel the prolactin is high or low because of any times you want to masturbate or have sex. Obviously when I was above range I could be 20 days without noticing any urge.

Thanks for the warning about artificial prolactin reduction.
I’m visiting an endo soon, and I am going to try and emphasize that I want to figure out what is causing it rather than artificially reducing it.

However you say one thing I don’t understand.
‘because of too much estrogen action’.

I just don’t get this. None of my blood tests showed high estrogen.
I avoid estrogen consumption as much as I can, so I just really don’t see where all this excess estrogen would be coming from in my personal case.

From what I understand prolactin production is suppressed by dopamine, so I’m more inclined to think it’s related to low dopamine than high estrogen.

yes but take in account, that maybe we have a problem with ar expression not working, so im pretty sure estrogen is dominant, and that is a cause of high prolactin.

hi @Northumbrian, did you end up trying p5p?

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Sorry for the late reply, no I didn’t, I have since made a full recovery this summer but I think it was mainly due to luck.